Sen. Ted Cruz Demands Answers on FAA 2-Day Ban on U.S. Air Travel to Israel; Believes Obama, Kerry Trying to Pressure Israel – Video 7/24/14

Israel’s U.S. Ambassador Hammers CNN’s Failure to Tell the Whole Truth about Hamas using Schools, Hospitals, Mosques as Weapons Depots – Video 7/24/14

O’Reilly: Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Will Hurt Him Going Forward – Video 7/24/14

Hannity has Heated Exchange with Pro-Palestinian Activist who Will Not admit Hamas is a “Terrorist Organization” – Video 7/24/14

ObamaCare Architect in 2012: “If You’re a State and You don’t Set Up an Exchange, that Means Your Citizens don’t Get Tax Credits” – Video 1/18/12


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 7/25/14

Raw Video: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Operating on the Ground in the Gaza Strip – Video 7/23/14

Liberal Reporter Sam Stein Criticizes Obama’s Lack of Access for the Media at Fundraisers – Video 7/24/14

Ban on U.S. Flights to Israel Lifted; Israeli Offensive to Destroy Hamas Tunnels Continues in Gaza – Video 7/24/14

Unhinged Turkish PM Erdogan: Israel “has Surpassed what Hitler Did”; “Israel is a Terror State” – Videos 7/24/14

Raw Video: Bodies of Dutch MH17 Victims Arrive in The Netherlands – Video 7/24/14

Oh My! State Department Spokesperson Marie Haraf Tries to Defend UN Agency that gave Rockets found in a School back to Hamas – Video 7/22/14

Report: Montana Democrat Sen. John Walsh Hit with Plagiarism Charges over 2007 Army War College Thesis – Video 7/24/14


Report: David Gregory on His Way Out at “Meet the Press”; Joe and Mika, or Chuck to Replace? – 7/24/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 7/24/14

Megyn Kelly Asks Muslim Accuser of Israel: “How is Hamas Not to Blame for those Civilian Deaths” in Gaza? – Video 7/23/14

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