Great New NRA Ad Ties Trump to Reagan; Proudly Stands with Trump in Defending American Values – Video 4/24/17

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Hastening the Collapse of the Lunatic Democrats – Audio 4/24/17

Rush Limbaugh: “The Left is Cracking Up. They are Literally Crumbling to Shreds” – Audio 4/24/17

Even CNN Slams Nutcase DNC Leader Tom Perez for Repeated Profanity against Republicans – Video 4/24/17

President Trump Delivers Powerful Remarks via Video on Holocaust Remembrance: “The Darkest Chapter of Human History”; “Never Again” – Video 4/24/17

Freedom Caucus Rep. Dave Brat Signals Readiness to Support Trump/Pence ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Compromise – Video 4/21/17

Report: Key Conservative Groups Ready to Support New House Plan to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – 4/21/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: It’s not Racist to Deport people who Violate U.S. Immigration Law – Video 4/21/17

President Trump Welcomes American He Worked to Free from Egyptian Prison to the White House – Video 4/21/17

ISIS Terror Attack Strikes Central Paris; One Police Officer Killed, Two Injured – Video Report 4/20/17

Sen. Charles Grassley in Interview: “I’d Expect a (Supreme Court) Resignation this Summer”; Rumors Swirl Kennedy to Retire – Video Report 4/20/17

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Relishes New Propaganda Video showing Missiles Hitting the United States – video 4/19/17

Even Democrats now Admitting Obama’s Disastrous Iran Deal does not Reign in their Support of Terrorism – Video 4/20/17

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Announces Full Review of Disastrous Obama Iran Policy; Says Iran has Potential to Follow Path of North Korea – Video 4/19/17

President Trump Honors Super Bowl LI Champion New England Patriots at the White House – Complete Video 4/19/17

Bret Baier Announces that Bill O’Reilly is Out at Fox News; Tucker Carlson to Move into O’Reilly Time Slot – Video 4/19/17

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