Rush Limbaugh: “Journalists” on TV and in White House Press Corps are “Actors” – Audio 1/15/18


Trump Responds to Leftist Outrage over his “Sh*thole Countries” Remark: “I want a Merit-based System of Immigration” – 1/12/18

Tucker Carlson Asks, “Why the Outrage?” over Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” Remark – Video 1/11/18

CNN Drama Queens in Full Outrage Mode over Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” Remark – Video 1/11/18

President Trump Advocates Merit-based Immigration Policy by Questioning Immigration from “Sh*thole Countries” – Video Report 1/11/18


Liberal CA Federal Judge Rules Obama’s Unconstitutional DACA Decree must be Left in Place – 1/9/18

Video Montage: Liberal Media Just Fine with Fake News as Long as it Attacks Trump – 1/9/18

CNN’s Dana Bash: Trump was “in Command” at Unprecedented Bi-Partisan Meeting at the White House – Video 1/9/18

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Praises President Trump for Allowing Unprecedented Access to White House Bi-Partisan Immigration Meeting – Video 1/9/18

Democrats, Republicans at White House Laugh as Trump Suggests “Some Form of Earmarks” Needed to Break Gridlock – Video 1/9/18

President Trump Leads Incredible Bi-Partisan Meeting on Immigration with Cameras Rolling; Leadership on Full Display – Video 1/9/18

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Lowers the Boom on Dem Rep. Adam Schiff for Bias against Trump

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Destroys CNN’s Jake Tapper; Tapper Cuts Miller Off because He can’t Handle the Truth – Video 1/7/18

Trump: No DACA Deal with Dems without Border Wall – Video 1/6/18

David Bossie: Media Focusing on “Fake News” and not Great Trump Economy – Video 1/7/18


RNC Releases Graphic with Multiple Quotes Questioning Veracity of New Book Attacking Trump – Photo 1/5/18

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