Reporter Jon Karl Points out “Degraded” ISIS used Ten Suicide Bombs Equal to the Oklahoma City Bombing in taking Ramadi – Video 5/21/15

Live Video Stream of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2015 – 5/21-23/15

Marco Rubio: Obama Foreign Policy “Elevating Legacy over Leadership, Adversaries over Allies” – Video 5/21/15

Ted Cruz: I can Mobilize and Energize Millions of Conservatives who Otherwise won’t Vote; “The Only Way We Win in 2016″ – Audio 5/21/15

New Web Ad Features Hillary Clinton Phone Message to Convicted Felon Pyramid Scammer: “Lots of Love” – 5/20/15

Geraldo Rivera on Dramatic Rise in Baltimore Murders: “Black Lives Matter only when They are Killed by White Cops” – Video 5/21/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 5/22/15


Obama Press Secretary won’t Admit ISIS has Established an “Islamic Caliphate” – Video 5/21/15


GRAPHIC: ISIS Butchers Execute Man in Syria using a Bazooka – Graphic Video 5/20/15

Sen. Rand Paul Ends more than Ten Hour Filibuster against Renewal of the Patriot Act – Video 5/20/15

Flashback 2009: Hillary Clinton Supported Obama Iraq Pullout Plan which gave us ISIS; Praised Talks with Iran – Video 2009

Donald Trump: If Elected President, “Nobody’s going to Mess with this Country”; “We’re going to become Great Again” – Video 5/19/15


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 5/21/15

Jeb Bush Turns the Tables on Obama, Hillary: Asks “Why didn’t You Leave 10,000 Troops in Iraq” to Preserve the U.S. Victory? – Video 5/20/15

Ted Cruz Hammers Reporter: “Why is it the Only Question you want to Ask Concerns Homosexuals?” – Video 5/19/15

Ron Fournier: Hillary Clinton’s Email Defense “is Laughable” – Video 5/19/15

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