Marc Thiessen: Donald Trump Putting Together One of the Most Conservative Cabinets in History – Video 12/8/16

Scarborough: Trump Cabinet Picks so Conservative they could have been made by Ted Cruz – Video 12/8/16

Admiral Harry Harris Cuts Kaepernick Down to Size in Pearl Harbor Speech: “Those who Died. . . Never took a Knee and Never Failed to Stand. . . ” – Video 12/7/16

Federal Judge Orders Michigan Recount Stopped; Says there is No Reason for a Recount – Video 12/8/16

Trump Picks the Perfect Person in OK AG Scott Pruitt to Reign in EPA Madness – Video 12/8/16

Trump Expected to Nominate Retired Gen. John Kelly to Head Department of Homeland Security – Video 12/7/16

Remembering the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor 75 Years Ago Today – 12/7/1941 – Videos

Donald Trump Named as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2016 – Video 12/7/16

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Fayetteville, NC – Complete Video 12/6/16

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: “Iranian Leadership Should be Very, Very Afraid” of Trump, Mattis; “Their Free Ride is Over” – Video 12/5/16

Tucker Carlson Debate American Univ. Student who wants a Trustee Fired for daring to Meet with President-elect Donald Trump – Video 12/5/16

Democrat Rep. Tells Wolf Blitzer he Supports Mattis for Defense Secretary – Video 12/6/16

President-elect Trump Appears with Japan’s Softbank CEO to Announce they will Invest $50B in U.S. and Create 50,000 Jobs – Video 12/6/16

Gen. David Petraeus Interviewed on “This Week” about Possible Secretary of State Role with Trump – Video 12/4/16

Pence on Media Obsession with Trump Taiwan Call: “Obama Calls Murdering Dictator in Cuba and is Hailed as a Hero”, but Trump Call with Taiwan is Controversial – Video 12/4/16

Chris Wallace Destroys Bizarre Jill Stein over Recount Insanity: “How Many Votes did You Get?” – Video 12/4/16

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