Rush Limbaugh Tells, “The True Story of Thanksgiving” – Video 11/23/2011

Happy Thanksgiving! – “10,000 Reasons” (Bless the Lord) – Worship Video


Happy Thanksgiving! – 11/27/14 – “Give Thanks” Video

Full 45-Minute ABC News Interview with Officer Darren Wilson Released – Complete Video 11/25/14

Parts 2 and 3 of Officer Darren Wilson’s Interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos – Videos 11/26/14

Morning Joe: Obama’s “I Just took an Action to Change the Law” is the “Perry Mason Moment” Admitting Guilt – Video 11/26/14

Michael Brown’s Mother on Darren Wilson’s Account: “I Don’t Believe a Word of It. . . (My Son) would Never Provoke Anyone. . . . ” – Video 11/26/14

Incredible Raw Video Captures Papa John’s Manager Defending Her Store against Looters – Video 11/24/14

Frustrated Obama Immigration Admission: “I Just Took an Action to CHANGE the Law” – Video 11/25/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 11/26/14

Officer Darren Wilson Tells George Stephanopoulos about the Events that Led to the Shooting Death of Michael Brown – Video 11/25/14

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Interviews Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson; Interview to Air on World News Tonight – Video Report 11/25/14

“Rev.” Al Sharpton Leads “Brown Family” Press Conference Vowing to Not Accept the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision – Complete Video 11/25/14


Shock Video: Michael Brown’s Step-Father Shouts to Crowd, “Burn this B*tch Down! Burn this B*tch Down!” – Video 11/24/14

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Asks if Obama Admin Pressured MO Gov. Jay Nixon to Not use National Guard to Prevent Burning and Looting of Ferguson – Video 11/25/14

Resident: Ferguson Protesters Leaving Area “Like a Ghost Town”; They have “Basically” Ruined the Community – Video 11/25/14

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