Alan Dershowitz: North Korea Hack Attack is the “Pearl Harbor Attack on the First Amendment”; Shows Why Iran Must Not get Nuclear Weapons – Video 12/18/14

President Obama Holds End-of-Year Press Conference; Takes Questions from Women Only; No Networks Called On – Complete Video 12/19/14

Obama Reveals He gave 15 Minutes of Opening Remarks during Phone Call with Cuban Dictator Raul Castro – Video 12/19/14

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Obama’s Idea that Propping up the Castros will Further Human Rights – Audio 12/18/14

Boston Bombing Victim Tells Pro-Tsarnaev Protesters, “Get a Life. Go to Work” – Video 12/18/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 12/19/14

Obama Press Secretary Won’t Rule Out White House Visit for Cuban Dictator Raul Castro – Video 12/18/14

Shep Smith on Cuba: “The Last thing they need is a Taco Bell and a Lowe’s. . . Are We about to Ruin that Place” – Video 12/17/14

Sen. Ted Cruz on Obama’s Castro Bailout: Obama “does Not Understand the Difference between our Friends and our Enemies” – Video 12/17/14

After Handing Victory to the Castros, Obama Admits No Indication Castros are Changing their Ways on Human Rights – Video 12/17/14

Krauthammer on Obama Castro Bailout: “Is there No Tyrant that Obama will not Appease for Nothing in Return?” – Video 12/17/14

Flashback 2011: Obama said Castros would have to give “Basic Human Rights” to Cubans for U.S. to Move toward Lifting Embargo – Video 9/28/2011

Flashback 2008: John McCain Warns that Obama would Throw Lifeline to the Castro Regime in Cuba – Video 5/20/2008


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 12/18/14

President Obama Announces Cave-in to Castro; Changes 55 Years of U.S. Policy by Normalizing Relations with Cuba – Complete Video 12/17/14

Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Declares Victory over U.S. as Obama Caves; Cites “Fidel’s” Prediction – “They Will Return. . . ” – Video 12/17/14

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