Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Threatens Capitol Police Chief with “Consequences” over IT Staffer’s Equipment – Video 5/24/17

Report: Obama Administration Spied on Americans on a Shocking Scale – Video Report 5/24/17

President Trump meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican – Video 5/24/17


Report: Manchester Islamic Suicide Bomber was the Son of Libyan Refugees – 5/23/17

President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive in Rome; Will meet with Pope Francis tomorrow at 2:30 AM ET – Video 5/23/17

President Trump Tells Palestinian Leader Abbas the “Funding” and “Rewarding” of Terrorists must End – Video 5/23/17

Alan Dershowitz: President Trump Saying and Doing All the Right Things in Saudi Arabia and Israel – Video 5/22/17

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Horrific Manchester Suicide Bombing; CBS News Confirms Identity of Bomber as 23 year-old Salman Abedi – Videos 5/23/17

President Trump Arrives in Israel; Pledges “Unbreakable” Support for the “State of Israel”; “We Love Israel”; “We are with You” – Video 5/22/17

President Trump Challenges Muslim World Leaders to “Drive Out” Terrorists from their “Places of Worship, Communities and this Earth” – Video 5/21/17

Yes, Trump said “Islamic Extremism, Islamists, and Islamic Terror of all Kinds” in His Speech to Muslim World Leaders – Video 5/21/17

President Donald Trump’s Historic Speech to the Muslim World; Urges Alliance to Stop Iran and “Islamic Terror of all Kinds” – Complete Video 5/21/17

Liberal Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz Destroys the Entire Anti-Trump Collusion Witch Hunt: “I See No Crimes Here” – Videos 5/20/17

President Trump Arrives in Saudi Arabia; Greeted Personally by Saudi King at the Airport – unlike Obama – Video 5/20/17

Pollster: Focus Group of Republicans and Independents Agree with Trump that the Russia Investigation is a “Witch Hunt” – Video 5/19/17

Flashback: Comey Testified on May 3 He had Never been Pressured to End an FBI Investigation for Political Reasons – Video

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