Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker Forms “Our American Revival” Committee to get Ready for 2016 Presidential Run – 1/27/15

New ISIS Video Threatens to Kill Japanese Captive, Jordanian Pilot within 24 Hours unless Demands are Met – Video 1/27/15

NBC News Confirms that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Will be Charged with “Desertion” – 1/27/15

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer Tells Bill O’Reilly: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Charged with “Desertion”; Obama White House Trying to Keep it Quiet – Video 1/26/15

George Will: “Ignoring Reality is Part of the Job Description of being a Progressive” – Video 1/25/15

Deception: Obama Tries to Close ANWR to Oil-Drilling as He takes Credit for Increased Oil Production – Video 1/26/15


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 1/27/15

Rush Limbaugh: Gov. Scott Walker “is the Blueprint for the Republican Party” to Defeat the Left – Audio 1/26/15

Obama does it Again: Offends in India by Chomping on Gum during State Event – Video 1/26/15

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Stand Strong against a Nuclear Iran at Koch Presidential Forum – Video 1/25/15

“Historic” Blizzard Bears Down on the Northeast; 2-3 Feet+ of Snow Expected from New York to Boston to Maine – Video 1/26/15

Chris Wallace won’t Let Obama Chief of Staff get away with Taking Credit for Increased U.S. Oil Production: “No Thanks to the Obama Administration” – Video 1/25/15

Dana Milbank Hits Obama’s “Extraordinary Disconnect” on Growing Threats to U.S. – Video 1/25/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 1/26/15


Cuba Rejects Obama Reform Proposals; Says “Changes in Cuba aren’t Negotiable” – 1/25/15

Gov. Chris Christie Speech at the “Iowa Freedom Summit” – Complete Video 1/24/15

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