Joe Scarborough Gives Epic Pro-America Defense: “We have Fed and Freed more People than Anybody Else in the History of the Globe”; Says Dems are the “Whiners” – Video 7/6/15

Leftist Sally Kohn: Hillary Clinton’s Roping (“Wrangling”) of the Press was “Just Awful” – Video 7/6/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 7/6/15

Donald Trump Interview with Howard Kurtz: “Either We have a Border, or We don’t have a Country”; “People are Tired of Politicians” – Video 7/5/15

Hillary Clinton Campaign Treats Reporters like “Penned Off Farm Animals” – Video 7/5/15

Michael Steele Goes After Donald Trump over Remarks that Criminals are Pouring over the Porous Border with Mexico – Video 7/5/15


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 7/5/15

The Great Johnny Cash Performs “Ragged Old Flag” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic at Re-dedication of the Statue of Liberty – 7/4/1986

President Ronald Reagan Warns Americans Not to Lose our Patriotic Memory – Video from Farewell Address 1989

The Best Rendition Ever of The Star-Spangled Banner – Sandi Patti on Liberty Weekend 1986 – Video


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – July 4, 2015

Gallup: Only 47% of Democrats “Extremely Proud” to be Americans; 68% of Republicans – 7/3/15

Jimmy Carter Says it is Time for the U.S. to “Relinquish” Role as Dominant World Power; Slams U.S. as “Most Warlike Country on Earth” – Video 6/30/15

Shock Video: Americans Who have No Idea Why We Celebrate the 4th of July – Video 7/1/15

John Heilemann: Hillary should be Worried that Bernie Sanders is Drawing Crowds of 10,000-15,000 People – Video 7/2/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 7/3/15

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