George Will: Obama Frequently Invokes “The Debate is Over” Mantra to Avoid Dealing with Controversial Issues – Video 4/20/14


Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Discusses Pro-Obama Bias She Encountered at CBS News – Video 4/20/14

Herman Cain Hammers “Dirty” Harry Reid’s “Koch Addiction” – Audio 4/17/14

S.E. Cupp: NRA Thrilled to have Michael Bloomberg as the Face of the Gun Control Movement – Video 4/20/14

“Morning Joe” Crew Baffled at Obama’s Latest Keystone Delay – Video 4/21/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 4/21/14

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wants the 2nd Amendment Rewritten to Allow National Ban of Individual Gun Ownership – Video 4/20/14

Happy Easter! “The Lord is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!” – Videos

Al Sharpton Says Barack Obama “has been able to Rise Politically Again” Despite being “Crucified” – Video 4/18/14

New Greg Abbott Ad Hammers Democrat Wendy Davis for “Hypocrisy” on Favors for Cronies – Video 4/18/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 4/19/14


New Poll Finds Hillary’s Numbers Dropping, GOP Surging – 4/17/14

“Good Friday”: Sandi Patty Sings, “Via Dolorosa” – Video

Mike Allen: Democrats Face “Shrinking Map” for 2014 Midterms; Desperately Trying to Hang onto Senate Control – Video 4/18/14

Barack Obama: Democrats should “Forcefully Defend and be Proud of” the ObamaCare Disaster – Video 4/17/14

Pro Golfer has to Jump in the Lake to Get Away from Swarm of Hornets; Stung “20 Times” – Video 4/18/14

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