Former President Jimmy Carter Praises Obama for “Going Around Congress” – Video 11/21/14

New GOP Ad Ties Hillary Clinton to Obama’s Unconstitutional Act: “Stop the Obama-Clinton Immigration Overreach” – Video 11/21/14

Just a Taste of what the Ferguson Police Officers are Putting Up with from “Protesters” – Video 11/21/14

President John F. Kennedy Assassinated 51 Years Ago Today – Multiple Videos 11/22/1963


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 11/22/14

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama has “Made some Enemies in His Own Party” with Unilateral Amnesty Move – Video 11/21/14


Report: Communist Radicals Pass out Leaflets in STL saying if the “Murdering Pig” Walks, “America must be brought to a Halt” – Photo 11/20/14

House Speaker John Boehner: Barack Obama “is Damaging the Presidency Itself”; Has Shown He Cannot be Trusted – Video 11/21/14

President Barack Obama

Pat Buchanan: “Caesar Obama” – 11/20/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 11/21/14

GOP Rep. Steve King: Obama Just “Tore Article One out of the Constitution, Put it into His Own Pocket” – Video 11/20/14

Jay Carney on Obama Amnesty Move: “This is a Big Risk for the President” – Video 11/20/14

Barack Obama Issues Immigration Decree; Tramples Constitutional Separation of Powers – UPDATE: Complete Video Added 11/20/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: “We are Witnessing a Constitutional Crisis. . . . Obama is Defying the Law” – Video 11/19/14

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Obama “Sticking a Finger in the Eye of the American People” with Unconstitutional Executive Order – Video 11/20/14

Rush Limbaugh: Everyone Knows what Obama is Doing Tonight is Unconstitutional – Audio 11/20/14

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