Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Powerful Speech to Joint Session of Congress; Devastates Obama Deal with Iran – Complete Video 3/3/15


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 3/4/15

KY Dem Rep. John Yarmuth Slams Israeli PM Netanyahu following Stirring Speech to Congress – Video 3/3/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Grows more Hysterical: Netanyahu Speech was “a Takeover Attempt” – Video 3/3/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Beside Himself over Netanyahu’s Powerful Speech to Congress – Video 3/3/15

Watch Live Video of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech to a Joint Session of Congress – Live Video 3/3/15

Hillary Clinton Caught Up in Private Email Scandal; Emails not Preserved during Time as Sec. of State – Video 3/3/15

Josh Earnest: Obama “Very Interested” in Raising Taxes using Executive Orders – Video 3/2/15


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 3/3/15

Susan Rice gets Schooled by AIPAC Crowd; Says Obama has Given Up on Goal of Keeping Iran from having Nuclear Enrichment Capacity – Video 3/2/15

Krauthammer: Israel has Never asked the U.S. to Fight in their Behalf; Only want U.S. to Not Keep them from Defending their Nation – Video 3/2/15

Sen. John McCain: If Obama signs Deal with Iran, the Middle East will have a Nuclear Arms Race – Video 3/2/15

Obama Press Secretary: “Doubtful” Obama will Watch Netanyahu Speech to Congress – Video 3/2/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks to AIPAC: “The Days when the Jewish People are Passive in the Face of Threats to Annihilate Us are Over!” – Video 3/2/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 3/2/15

President Obama Sheds Tears as He says Farewell to Eric Holder as Attorney General – Video 2/27/15

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