President Trump Speaks at CPAC 2017: The GOP is Now “the Party of the American Worker” – Complete Video 2/24/17


Announcement: Watch Live Video of CPAC 2017 – February 23-25, 2017 – Live Video Stream

Great Britain’s Nigel Farage Brings Down the House at CPAC 2017: “We are Winning!” – Complete Video 2/24/17

Vice-President Mike Pence Delivers Rousing Speech at CPAC 2017 – Complete Video 2/23/17

Joe Scarborough goes on Rant about Liberal Bias against Conservatives on University Campuses – Video 2/23/17

Sen. Ted Cruz and Mark Levin Appear together at CPAC 2017 – Complete Video 2/23/17

“Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski: Danger that Trump may be able to “Control what People Think. That’s our Job” – Video 2/22/17

Steve Bannon on Media Bias: “If You Think they will give you your Country back without a Fight, You are Sadly Mistaken” – Video 2/23/17

CPAC 2017: Trump Advisor Steve Bannon, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Determined to Enact Trump Promises – Video 2/23/17

Crazed Leftist Nutcase Reveals their Absolute Hatred of Donald Trump in Interview with Tucker Carlson; Says Trump is “More Dangerous than Hitler” – Video 2/21/17

President Trump Denounces Antisemitism, Hatred in all of its Forms; Calls it “Horrible” and “Painful” – Video 2/21/17

Bill Bennett: The Media can’t Stand it that Donald Trump “is not Afraid” of Them – Video 2/17/17

Tucker Carlson: Trump was absolutely Right about “Massive Turmoil” in Sweden over Huge Influx of Immigrants from Terror-Prone Nations – Video 2/20/17

First Lady Melania Trump Opens Melbourne, FL Rally with “The Lord’s Prayer” – Video 2/18/17

President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Melbourne, FL; Slams “Dishonest Media”; Brings Supporter Onstage Impromptu-style – Complete Video 2/18/17

CNN’s Don Lemon goes Nuts when Trump Supporter Paris Dennard Calls Him out for “Fake News” – Video 2/17/17

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