President Obama was in Wisconsin today sounding like a man who likes to campaign a lot more than he likes to govern. For all his over-hyped blaming of George W. Bush for everything under the sun, and his condescending attitude, it’s interesting that Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold – facing a tough re-election campaign this Fall – wanted no part of Obama. He was nowhere to be seen at the event:

Washington Examiner……It’s a mildly interesting election year conundrum for Obama. He needs to keep all the Dems he can get in the Senate, and Feingold looks to be in serious trouble. But Feingold is also the standard-bearer for Obama’s Troubles on the Left — criticizing the administration for national security, war and other policies. He is currently threatening to vote against financial reform.

In any case, while Obama was sampling the Kringle in Racine, Feingold was in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court…….. READ MORE

Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold Nowhere to be Seen at Obama Event in Wisconsin

Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Laura Ingraham discuss immigration reform and Obama’s upcoming immigration speech, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Gutierrez told Ingraham:
“The plan, as described by the President of the United States to us yesterday, is to get it done this year. To do everything we can, we think it’s important.”

Luis Gutierrez to Laura Ingraham: ‘The Plan’ Is to Pass Immigration Reform ‘This Year’

Dick Morris believes Bill and Hillary Clinton are trying “to put a little bit of daylight between themselves and Obama” in a “carefully choreographed move.” Morris believes Hillary will try to run against Obama in 2012 if he “craters and loses Congress.”

Trouble Brewing Between Clintons and Obama? Dick Morris Thinks So – Video

An example of the incredibly tough questions Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is facing from Democrats:
(WaPo)– Early on in the third day of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings, she ducked a particularly relevant question from Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), tied to the week’s news.

“I keep wanting to ask you about the famous camp of Edward vs. Jacob or the vampire vs. the werewolf,” Klobuchar said. “I wish you wouldn’t,” Kagan responded.

NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” this past weekend suggested that Kagan is on Team Jacob. But of course, Jews have a long and occasionally ugly history with vampires.

H/T Weasel Zippers

Tough Questions: Klobuchar Asks Kagan Which Twilight ‘Camp’ She’s In – Video

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs saying that President Obama will use a speech on Thursday to push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Gibbs said Obama will “reiterate” that we “cannot have immigration reform passed individually by each state through a patchwork of laws.”

Gibbs said Obama will also emphasize that it will take “Republican support” to get an Immigration Bill passed, which he said, “has certainly been there in the past.”

The Arizona anti-Illegal Immigration Law really has the Obama crew rattled. They are afraid other states are soon to follow suit, and they want to do something to stop it from happening. But it’s hard to say whether Obama is really ready to go all out to get something passed, or whether he is just window-dressing to make the Latino voters not be so upset with him for not getting some kind of amnesty bill passed.

Obama to Speak on Immigration Tomorrow; Will Say We “Cannot Have” Laws Passed “by Each State” – Video

Here is a video report on St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Manager Tony LaRussa speaking out in defense of Tea Party Activists that showed up at Busch Stadium. LaRussa said he is “in support” of a lot of what they are doing, and he went further by saying, “I’m actually in support of what Arizona is doing.”

LaRussa defended the right of the Tea Party or those with a different viewpoint to come to the ballpark with their signs: “This is America, right? You’re supposed to have opinions.”

Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa Defends Tea Party; Says He Supports “What Arizona is Doing” – Video

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dodging a question from ABC News’ Ann Compton on whether President Obama called to lobby for Valerie Jarrett to be appointed to fill his Senate seat back in 2008, just ahead of his election. Compton was referring to testimony during the Illinois Blagojevich trial by Thomas Balanoff, that Obama made such a call to him.

Gibbs refused to comment at all, and when Compton reminded him that he had previously said Obama never got involved in the process of filling his Senate Seat, he again brushed her off by saying again he will not comment on an ongoing trial.

Gibbs looked very uncomfortable with the question.

Robert Gibbs Dodges Question on Obama Lobbying for Jarrett to Get Senate Seat – Video

Here is video of a Yankees fan getting hit right in the face by the baseball because he was talking on his cell phone. As one of the commentators in the video says, “You got to go hands free at the baseball game.” Actually, you might just try going “cell phone free” at the baseball game.

Here’s Why You Better “Go Hands Free” at the Baseball Game – Video

Here is an amazing video of GOP Sen. Tom Coburn asking Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan a hypothetical question with a very powerful point. Coburn asked Kagan if a law passed by Congress that required Americans to “eat three vegetables and three fruits a day” would be Constitutional. Coburn was fishing to see just how broadly Kagan interprets the “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution – used constantly by liberals as an excuse for massive Government regulation.

While Kagan responded it sounded like a “dumb law,” she would not say it would be unconstitutional for the Government to insert itself into the lives of Americans to that degree. She hemmed and hawed, but she did not say that would be beyond the role of Government.

Coburn made his point perfectly. What a disaster for the country that Americans took leave of their senses in 2008 to elect a President who would put people that think this way on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kagan Won’t Say Law Directing What Americans Must Eat Would be Unconstitutional – Video

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs giving an answer that mocks and insults Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl about his assertion that President Obama told him in a one-on-one meeting that he would not secure the border because “you guys” (Republicans) won’t support Comprehensive Immigration Reform if we do.

Gibbs has said Obama never made the statement, while Kyl has steadfastly stood by his account. Gibbbs tried to make out like Kyl had retreated from his assertion, and mocked Kyl for having three opinions on the matter. Actually, Kyl only said he meant that “the Left” is trying to hold border security “hostage” to CIR, not the President specifically. But Kyl has never retreated on Obama’s statement that he won’t secure the border because “you guys” won’t support CIR.

Actually, what Gibbs was doing here, was dodging the question.

Robert Gibbs Mocks GOP Sen. Jon Kyl in Answer About Border Conversation with Obama – Video

Here is a video report saying that Gen. David Petraeus told a Senate Hearing yesterday that “it will be years” before Afghan Forces can fully take over the fight against The Taliban in Afghanistan.

Petraeus provided a striking analogy for what we are trying to do in Afghanistan:

“Indeed, trying to train and equip host nation forces in the midst of an insurgency is akin to building an advanced aircraft while it is in flight, while it is being designed, and while it is being shot at.”

Petraeus: Training Afghans During Insurgency Like “Building Advanced Aircraft While in Flight” – Video

Here is video that shows Larry King announcing his decision to end his long-running CNN Show – “Larry King Live,” after 25 years.

Larry King Announces Decision to End His 25-Year CNN Show – Video

Here is video of Dick Morris talking with Sean Hannity about bad poll numbers for President Obama.

Morris pointed out that in an off-year election, intensity is more important than the actual numbers because turnout drops about 30% from a Presidential Election year to a Midterm Election year. Morris said Obama is losing intensity of support as well as the actual numbers going down. The intensity problem includes the fact that the Left is far less motivated to get out and work for Obama in this Midterm Election year.

Morris closed his appearance by appealing to viewers to help Sharron Angle in Nevada fight back agains the distorted attacks being made on her by Democrat Sen. Harry Reid on her position on “Social Securty.” Reid is claiming she wants to get rid of the program, when actually, she wants to prevent it being raided any further.

Morris repeated his belief that the GOP will win back control of Congress this year.

Dick Morris Says Obama Losing “Intensity” of Support; Repeats Belief GOP Will Win Congress – Video

A new John McCain ad mocks J.D. Hayworth’s infomercial appearance on how to receive “free” government grants, loans, and subsidies.

H/T HotAirPundit

New John McCain Ad Mocks J.D. Hayworth for Appearing In Infomercial Promising ‘Free’ Government Grants

Here is video put together by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who takes on a terrifying question: ” How does the Taliban convince children to become suicide bombers? Propaganda footage from a training camp is intercut with interviews of young camp graduates. A shocking vision.”

This is what we are up against. But, then we knew that. It’s our President and his administration that are in denial.

H/T Cheryl

How Does the Taliban Recruit Children Suicide Bombers? A Look Inside – Video

Here is video of Gen. David Petraeus at his confirmation hearing today to be the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan essentially confirming that the “timeline” set by President Obama to begin withdrawal of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan is purely an arbitrary political decision.

Obviously Petraeus did not say those words, but GOP Sen. John McCain gave him the avenue to confirm the truth. McCain asked Petraeus point blank if either he, or any other military official ever advised Obama in favor of the setting of a timeline:

McCain: “General, at any time during the deliberations that the military shared with the President when he went through the decision-making process, was there a recommendation from you or anyone in the military that we set a date of July 2011?”

Petraeus: “Uh, there was not.”

McCain: “There was not – by any military person that you know of?”

Petraeus: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Then why in the world would a Commander-in-Chief set such a deadline? Obama gave hope and encouragement to our enemy the moment he set and publicized a timetable. That only makes the job tougher for our brave men and women in uniform.

Gen. Petraeus Reveals Obama Afghan Withdrawal Deadline is a Purely Arbitrary Political Decision – Video

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