Rudy Giuliani Says Obama’s Handling of Gulf Oil Spill “Couldn’t be Worse” – Video 6/2/10

Here is video of Rudy Giuliani talking with Sean Hannity about a “crisis of competence” in the White House. Giuliani said both the Sestak Job Offer and the offer of jobs to Democrat Andrew Romanoff in Colorado to get him to drop a primary bid against incumbent Democrat Sen. Michael Bennett, should be investigated.

On Obama’s handling of the Gulf Crisis, Giuliani said, “It couldn’t be worse.” “This would be an example – if you taught Leadership 101 – of exactly what not to do: Minimize it at first; then a few days after it happens – go on vacation….He gives the sense that he’s very nonchalant and lackadaisical about it.” Giuliani made the point that if the leader at the top sets that tone, the rest of bureaucracy will follow suit.

Giuliani said Obama has tried to handle this “like a political problem,” not like a real crisis.

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