AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Says She Asked Obama “When” He Intends to Secure the Border – Video 6/3/10

Here is video of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer describing in detail her meeting yesterday with President Obama at the White House.

Brewer said when she arrived, Obama greeted her in the hall and then invited her into the Oval Office. They sat down, and other aides also sat on the couches around them. She said they exchanged pleasantries, and then Obama told her that he disagreed with her on “1070” – the Arizona anti-illegal Immigration law. But, he told her he would not comment on it, and Brewer said she told Obama that “there is a lot of misunderstanding about the bill,” and the “she made sure it mirrored Federal Law” and would not allow “racial profiling.” Gov. Brewer indicated that Obama just sat and listened to her position but did not comment further on the law.

They then discussed “securing the border,” which Brewer said Obama pledged to do. But Brewer apparently put Obama on the spot by asking him, “When?” She wanted to know when he intended to actually commit the resources to secure the border. Obama said he would send people to Arizona within two weeks to talk to her further about that.

Greta said, “Let me get this straight. Here we have the two principals involved – the President of the United States and the Governor of the State sitting across from each other in the Oval Office – and the President says we’re going to send the staff to do all the talking to your staff instead of the two of you talking together.”

Brewer responded, “That’s correct” – as she flashed that smile of hers.

The Governor told Greta that Obama made it very clear that he wants “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” and Brewer said she made it clear that the border had to be secured before there could be any discussion of Immigration Reform.

Brewer said she believes Obama is going to push for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” She is expecting to hear from Obama within two weeks what he intends to do about the border, whether he is going to build a fence, how many troops he is sending to Arizona, and how much money he is going to commit.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on actually hearing from Obama within two weeks. But Brewer does a fantastic job of communicating her message in clear and understandable terms. Hopefully, she will keep his feet to the fire.

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