Tempers Flare at Meeting on “Muslim American Society” Buying Staten Island Convent to Build a Mosque – Video

Here is a video report out of New York on a meeting of citizens where tempers flared as they discussed a former convent on Staten Island being bought by the Muslim American Society in order to build a mosque there.

At issue particularly is that one of the Muslim American Society members involved in the Staten Island project has been seen in a video from 10 years ago raising his arms in support of Hamas at a rally. Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer was at the meeting and asked the man – Madi Bray – if he would denounce Hamas, which he would not. He tried to give a slick answer by saying his organization has no relationship with any “foreign entities.” That is not what he was asked.

Emotions ran high in the room as citizens spoke out against the move.

CBS News: Tempers flared and fears were ignited at a community meeting in Staten Island, N.Y. Wednesday night, where many residents questioned why a Muslim group is being allowed to build a mosque on the site of a former convent. . . . . .

Robert Spencer, founder of “Jihad Watch,” asked the members “will you here and now denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as jihad terrorist organizations?”

Another resident said “I’d like to know why the MAS is on the watch list for terrorism.”

MAS is not on the state department’s current list of foreign terrorist organizations, and the representatives denied any links to extremist groups and said the mosque would promote peace and understanding.

As it became clear to the moderators that order could not be restored the meeting was ended abruptly, punctuated by one of the moderators screaming “the meeting is over. Everyone please go home.” . . . . Read More

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