Dem Sen. Ben Nelson Admits He’s Not Sure Obama has “Constitutional Authority” for What He is Doing with BP – Video

Here is video of Nebraska Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson admitting he “doesn’t know” if President Obama has the “Constitutional Authority” to force BP to surrender their stockholders’ money without due process of law. But, Nelson said, he has the “moral authority.” When asked if there were any limits to the quagmire of Obama operating on the basis of this “moral authority,” Nelson said there are limits to any authority, but he would not specify what that limit is.

The U.S. Constitution is exactly the “authority” devised to limit the power of our President and the other members of our Government. The “moral authority” must be based on what is allowed under the law, not on the feelings of the moment. We all want the people of the Gulf Region to be compensated for what they have lost, but it makes you wonder what is happening when an elected U.S. does not seem to care whether or not the President has the “Constitutional Authority” to do what he is doing.

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