Tom Brokaw Refers to Western Governor as a “Democrat – From Our Party” – Video

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There are times when you listen to something you do a double-take and wonder if you are hearing what you thought you heard. This clip is one of those.

The video clip is of former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw talking to Matt Lauer about conversations he’s had recently with people around the country about how President Obama is doing. Brokaw mentions several different Republicans and Democrats he’s talked to. But at one point, he says the following:

“A Western Governor said “We’re losing Independents.” He’s a Democrat – from our party.”

I’ve tried to figure out some other meaning to why Brokaw would add, “from our party,” but it sure sounds like Brokaw openly identified himself – and maybe Lauer, as Democrats by the statement.

That’s no surprise to me that they are Democrats, but it is a surprise to hear Brokaw say it openly on The Today Show. These kinds of moments make you realize just what conservatives are up against with the media. If they are thinking of the Democrats as being “our party,” then it has to impact the way they report – and spin – the news. For a Republican to win a national election, he/she has to not only defeat the opposing candidate, they have to triumph in spite of the media as well.

NOTE: Thanks to Free Republic poster “Dryman” for pointing this out. After reading his post, I found this video and listened for myself.

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