Obama to Speak on Immigration Tomorrow; Will Say We “Cannot Have” Laws Passed “by Each State” – Video

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs saying that President Obama will use a speech on Thursday to push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Gibbs said Obama will “reiterate” that we “cannot have immigration reform passed individually by each state through a patchwork of laws.”

Gibbs said Obama will also emphasize that it will take “Republican support” to get an Immigration Bill passed, which he said, “has certainly been there in the past.”

The Arizona anti-Illegal Immigration Law really has the Obama crew rattled. They are afraid other states are soon to follow suit, and they want to do something to stop it from happening. But it’s hard to say whether Obama is really ready to go all out to get something passed, or whether he is just window-dressing to make the Latino voters not be so upset with him for not getting some kind of amnesty bill passed.

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