Here is video of Jeri Thompson, wife of Fred Thompson, on with Neil Cavuto where she slammed President Obama’s plans for massive tax increases on the American people by allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.

“The American people are smart enough to understand, these are not good stewards of our economy, and we really need to do the thing we know that works…”

The thing to do is vote the Democrats out of office on November 2.

Jeri Thompson Slams Obama Plan for “Massive Tax Increase on January 1” – Video


That’s the only word to describe the bizarre and sick campaign ad put out by the dufus South Carolina Democrat Senate nominee Alvin Greene. The ad shows a photo of GOP Sen. Jim DeMint with the words, “Evil, Unamerican, Bigot, Maniac” appearing on the screen behind and around him. The words are not spoken, but they are clearly visible.

Not that more than a thimble full of voters would have voted for Greene anyway, but my guess is that this ad will only make that a smaller group.

Via Weasel Zippers

Dem Alvin Greene Runs Ad Attacking Sen. Jim DeMint as an “Unamerican, Evil, Maniac Bigot” – Video

Here is video of Laura Ingraham at her best! She takes on Leftist Dr. Mark Lamont Hill on Larry King Live, where Hill attacked Ingraham for daring to criticize Michelle Obama’s multi-billion dollar fitness and health initiative.

Ingraham told Hill that once Michelle Obama becomes a policy advocate for the Obama Administration with cabinet secretaries following her around on the campaign trail, she has stepped into the arena of ideas which are fair game to be questioned and tested. Then, Ingraham got off a truly great line:

“The Obamas are people – we’re all people. They’re not deities. They’re not monarchs. When Michelle Obama goes to Congress and basically demands billions of dollars for a “child nutrition initiative,” and acts as a health care and a fitness expert – she’s a beautiful woman. But I didn’t elect her to anything. When you step in that role.

When you step into the arena, you know, it’s not all what sleeveless wants – sleeveless gets!”

Perfectly said!

Via Bluegrass Pundit

Laura Ingraham on Michelle Obama: “It’s Not What Sleeveless Wants, Sleeveless Gets” – Video

What happens to a person’s Facebook Page when they die? Here is video of CBS News’ Katie Couric reporting on that very question. The fastest growing age-group of Facebook users are those over 65. Couric reports that Facebook is working on ways to make the pages of those deceased into memorial or tribute pages. Facebook recently went past the 500 Million mark in registered users.

What Happens to a Person’s Facebook Page When they Die? – Video Report

Nancy Pelosi dodges a question on how she would have voted on a bill funding the war in Afghanistan.
“Now you didn’t vote. I know the speaker doesn’t have to vote. But how would you have voted?” Amanpour asked Pelosi in the Speaker’s ceremonial office in the Capitol.

“Well we brought the bill to the floor,” Pelosi explained. “And that was a statement that said that we knew that our troops needed to have … would be provided for them. So we will never abandon our men and women in uniform,” she said. “On the other hand it gave our members a chance to express their view,” the Speaker said.

“How does this figure into our protecting the American people? Is it worth it?” Pelosi asked rhetorically.

“Is it worth it?” Amanpour repeated pointedly. “Is it worth it?”

“That is the question,” Pelosi replied.

“But that’s my question to you,” Amanpour pressed.

“Well we will, as I said, we will see the metrics as they unfold in the next few months,” the Speaker said.

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Nancy Pelosi Dodges Question on Whether the Afghan War Is ‘Worth It’

Congressman Dan Lungren was pulled over while in the middle of a live radio interview. The police officer asked him to hang up, and later the Congressman called back in and reported that he was stopped for going “slightly” over the speed limit. Luckily for the congressman, the officer let him off with just a warning.

Congressman Pulled Over During Live Radio Interview

CNN’s Rick Sanchez actually asks the question: “What is your beef with illegal immigration?” Sanchez asked the question before scolding his guest when he answered that illegal immigrants are a burden on taxpayers.

Read more:

Rick Sanchez Asks AZ Legislator: ‘What Is Your Beef With Illegal Immigration?’

H/T Breitbart

President Obama throws Charlie Rangel under the bus, saying the allegations against him are “very troubling” and that he should “end his career with dignity.”

President Obama Hopes Charlie Rangel ‘Ends His Career With Dignity’ After ‘Very Troubling’ Allegations

Here is video of a new John McCain ad that looks right past J.D. Hayworth – his GOP Primary Challenger – and hammers President Barack Obama for refusing to send the 3,000 troops McCain and fellow Arizona Sen. John Kyl have requested to protect Arizona’s border with Mexico. As the ad points out, instead of the 3,000 troops, Obama said he would send – 524.

New John McCain Ad Bypasses J.D. Hayworth and Attacks Obama on Border Security – Video

Here is audio of Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner on radio today with Sean Hannity and Republican Rep. Peter King where they debated the issue of approving a bill that would provide support for 9/11 Emergency Responders.

Hannity put it directly to Weiner why the Democrats won’t just pass the bill with 218 votes, instead of using it as a weapon to attack Republicans. Weiner would never answer.

Hannity also asked Weiner if he reads the bills he votes on. Weiner called it “doublespeak” to insist on reading a bill before you vote on it. Hannity asked Weiner to promise he would never again vote on a bill that he has not read. Weiner would not make that promise.

It is clear from Weiner’s behavior that Democrats are only interested in using this for cheap political points. The bill could be passed with 218 votes by Democrats, or they could strip out all the extraneous provisions – particularly those related to immigration – and gain much more GOP support. Instead, what they really wanted was a way to say Republicans voted against the 9/11 Responders.

Via The Right Scoop

Sean Hannity Confronts Anthony Weiner; Challenges Him to Never Again Vote on a Bill He has Not Read – Audio

Here is video of CNN’s Anderson Cooper apologizing for not challenging Shirley Sherrod during a previous interview when she called Andrew Breitbart a “racist.” Cooper said he should have challenged her to support that statement with facts, and did not.

In this video clip, he then also proceeds to delve deeper into Shirley Sherrod’s past, and that of her husband – particularly some “Uncle Tom” remarks he made in the past in saying, “we must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections.”

Via Weasel Zippers

Anderson Cooper Apologizes for Not Challenging Sherrod Calling Andrew Breitbart “a Racist” – Video

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today shedding more light on what happened on the House Floor last night when Democrat Anthony Weiner went ballistic against Republicans.

Rush explained that Democrats had attached an Immigration measure to the bill providing a long-term compensation fund for 9/11 emergency responders, believing Republicans would have no choice but to support the underlying bill and thereby also passing their immigration attachment.

But it did not work. Not only did most Republicans refuse to be intimidated, some Democrats also defected and would not support the bill, which was not brought up under regular order, which would only require a simple majority vote.

Limbaugh said the important thing to note here is “the crackup” of Weiner and the Democrats. Weiner’s rant shows they know their control is slipping away. The way Weiner screamed at GOP Rep. Peter King to “sit down” shows they know they are losing their grip on power.

November 2 is coming.

Rush Limbaugh Says Anthony Weiner Rant Shows Democrat “Crackup” Underway – Video

H/T Weasel Zippers

Andy Griffith, the star of “Matlock” and “The Andy Griffith Show,” appears in a new pro-ObamaCare ad.

Sad: Andy Griffith Pitches for ObamaCare In New Ad

Here is video of Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell saying he does not believe Hillary Clinton will run for President against Obama in 2012. But he does believe she will run in 2016, and will be the next President after Obama.

Dem Gov. Ed Rendell Predicts Hillary Clinton Will Run for President in 2016 and Win – Video

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today predicting that Democrats will retain both the House and Senate in this Fall’s Midterm Elections.

Gibbs thinks Americans will want to continue making the “progress” we’ve been making under Obama’s leadership. Of course they will! Obama’s “progress” is breaking out all over (like a bad case of chickenpox). Can’t you see it?

Robert Gibbs Predicts Dems Will Retain Control of House and Senate in 2010 Midterm – Video

Above is video of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner delivering a screaming rant on the House Floor as he attacked Republicans for questioning why the Democrats in control of the House insisted on a two-thirds vote to pass a bill setting up a long-term compensation fund for September 11 Emergency responders sick or injured as a result of their work that day. New York Rep. Peter King had pointed out the Democrats could have easily used a simple-majority process for the bill, but knew many Republicans opposed it on principle and wanted the two-thirds vote in order to embarrass the GOP and win political points. The bill did not get the necessary two-thirds vote.

It seems easy to say, of course, everyone should support the extension of such a long-term fund, but listen to the GOP’s Rep. Bob Goodlatte explaining why many Republicans opposed it. He points out that no such fund has been created for Katrina victims, members of the military injured or for the families of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, victims of the first World Trade Center bombing, victims of the USS Cole terrorist attack, or victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Goodlatte and many Republicans opposed the bill on the principle that the creation of special compensation funds is not the way to help the victims.

Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner Rants Against Republicans on House Floor – Video

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