CNN’s Don Lemon Spars with Mark Williams on Reaction of NAACP Crowd to Sherrod Story – Video

CNN’s Don Lemon challenged Mark Williams on his statement that there was “positive reaction” in the room when Sherrod was suggesting she thought about withholding help for a “white farmer” 24 years ago. This was before the assembled NAACP members knew the rest of her story – that she did go ahead and help the man. Lemon tells Williams there was no laughter as Sherrod told her story. He even challenges Williams to go back and look at the tape “carefully.”

OK. At the end of the video above, a clip is provided that sure sounds like “laughter” when Sherrod told the crowd the white farmer did not know she was trying to decide “how much help I was going to give him.”

I guess Lemon did not look at the tape so “carefully.”

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