U.S. Sends Ambassador to Hiroshima Ceremony: Revisionist History You Can’t Believe In – Video

Here are video reports on today’s observance in Hiroshima, Japan of the 65th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb by the United States on Japan. President Harry Truman made the decision to drop the bomb after warning Japan repeatedly the terrible weapon was coming and would be used if they did not surrender. Truman dropped the bomb to avoid an already planned invasion of the Japanese home islands that would have brought an estimated 1 Million+ U.S. casualties, and even more Japanese casualties.

Yet, despite the obvious historic justification for the dropping of the bomb, President Obama becomes the first American President to send the U.S. Ambassador to Japan to attend the ceremony, which is always very heavy on disarmament talk, and victimhood for the Japanese.

It is ridiculous for Obama to send a U.S. representative to this ceremony as if we have something to be sorry for. Let the world remember that Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, brutalized all of Asia and our own American troops captured in the Philippines and elsewhere, and refused to surrender though repeatedly warned that a “terrible weapon” was about to be used upon them. Truman did exactly the right thing in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. Imagine if he had not, and one million Americans had been killed or wounded when it was in his hands to prevent it. Truman understood that he was “President of the United States,” and that his first responsibility was the welfare of America and her citizens. He was not interested in being “President of the World” – unlike The One.

President Obama and the revisionist historians may try to forget the truth, but there are still millions of Americans who will not.

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