Tonight’s update of our U.S. House Projections page shows the GOP projected for a 49-seat net gain in the House of Representatives. Republicans need a net gain of 39-seats to regain control. The 49-seat gain would give the GOP a 228-207 majority.

We have added two more races to our tracking table, making a total of 126 races that are competitive. Of the 126, 102 are currently held by Democrats. We have the GOP projected right now to gain 50 seats, and the Democrats to only pickup 1-seat. There are still 27 seats rated as a tossup. The potential for a huge GOP wave is there, if many of those tossups break in their direction.

U.S. House Projections Updated: GOP +49 – 9/30/10

The Senate Polls & Projections page has been updated tonight, and the GOP continues to be heading for a 7-seat gain in the U.S. Senate. Republicans have really solidified their lead in a number of races – Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida, and North Carolina, among others.

The GOP is within 5.8-points in five other seats held by Democrats – Nevada, West Virginia, Washington, California, Connecticut. They need to pickup three of these five while hanging on in the seven pickup races where they are currently ahead.

We have added Alaska to the table of races that could change hands. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in bid is a longshot, but one poll has her only two points down to Joe Miller. Right now, Miller has an 8.5-point lead in the average of polls.

U.S. Senate Polls & Projections Updated: GOP +7 – 9/30/10

Here is audio of a classic Rush Limbaugh exchange with a caller that happened today. Limbaugh took a call from “Bob,” who promptly told Rush to “get your a** back over there,” speaking of the European countries where Rush’s “forefathers” came from. “Bob” also told Rush he is “running our country in the ground,” because he opposes Obama – whom “Bob” says is trying to help the “poor people.”

As Rush talked with Bob, it became clear that he is a “Native American,” and believes “white people” have ruined the country and ought to go back where they came from. Limbaugh later praises “Bob” for proving his point – that Obama has a negative view of the founding principles of America, and is therefore trying to radically change America.

No one is better at handling callers than Rush!

Rush Limbaugh Caller: “Bob” Tells Rush to “Get your A**” out of the U.S. – Audio 9/30/10

Gallup is also out with a new poll for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination, and it finds Gov. Mitt Romney leading the field. Sarah Palin came in second, and Mike Huckabee was third:

19% Mitt Romney

16% Sarah Palin

12% Mike Huckabee

9% Newt Gingrich

7% Ron Paul

3% Tim Pawlenty

3% Haley Barbour

2% Rick Santorum

2% John Thune

2% Mitch Daniels

At this point, it looks like Romney, Palin, and Huckabee would be the big three if they decide to run. Once the midterms are over, it will be interesting to see how long it will take for some of these candidates to announce a Presidential run.

Mitt Romney Leads Pack for 2012 GOP Nomination; Palin Close Behind – Gallup

Gallup is out with a poll showing Hillary Clinton would get the support of 37% of Democrats if she challenged President Obama for the 2012 Democrat Presidential Nomination. Obama received 52% support in the poll.

Don’t think Bill and Hillary are not paying close attention to these numbers. If Obama’s numbers continue to sink, this could happen.

Hillary Clinton within 15-Points of Obama for 2012 Democrat Nomination – Gallup

Here is video of Don Imus talking with Democrat Sen. John Kerry where Imus asked Kerry if he would have been a better President than Barack Obama (4:58 mark of the video):

Imus: “You would have been a better president than President Obama turned out, wouldn’t you?”

Kerry: “Uh, no. What are you asking me to do? Make a stupid comment?”

Prior to this exchange, Kerry tried to defend the Obama record on the economy, once again blaming former President George W. Bush for everything. Imus challenged Kerry, “You guys are going to blame Bush forever.”

Don Imus Asks John Kerry: “You Would Have Been a Better President than Obama Turned Out, Wouldn’t You?” – Video 9/30/10

Here is raw cell phone video of GOP New York candidate for Governor – Carl Paladino – getting into a heated exchange with New York Post reporter Fred Dicker. Paladino was confronted by Dicker and asked what evidence he had that Democrat Andrew Cuomo had “paramours,” which Paladino had apparently claimed reporters should look into. Paladino was reacting to his claim that the New York Post sent a photographer to try and get a picture of his young daughter, whom Paladino admitted he had through an extramarital relationship.

Eventually, Paladino tells Dicker “I’ll take you out” if he ever sends another “goon” to go after his daughter. He also calls Dicker a “stalking horse” for Dem Candidate Andrew Cuomo – his “bird dog.”

GOP’s Carl Paladino Gets into Heated Exchange with NY Post Reporter – Raw Video

Here is a great response ad by GOP Candidate for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District – Dr. Dan Benishek. Dem Candidate Gary McDowell has been accusing Benishek of wanting to harm Social Security (that’s an original attack!). Benishek does a good job of putting that aside, and goes on the attack himself by tying McDowell to Pelosi and Obama.

GOP’s Michigan CD-1 Candidate Dan Benishek Hits Back Against Attacks – Video

As Nelsa reported in our Forum, Mike Castle has announced he will NOT mount a write-in candidacy against Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate race. Here is part of an announcement he released:

“While I would have been honored to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate, I do not believe that seeking office in this manner is in the best interest of all Delawareans. Therefore, it’s time for Jane and me to begin thinking about the next chapter of our lives.”

The limited polling that had been done on a 3-way race seemed to indicate Castle would have pulled votes away for the Democrat, Chris Coons. So, Castle’s bowing out is not necessarily news that will help Christine O’Donnell.

Mike Castle Bows Out of Write-in Bid for Delaware Senate Race

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz “admits” he’s fat on his program and says, “I’m not offended by any of you who think I’m a fat slob.”

This comes after Schultz was reportedly reprimanded by MSNBC president Phil Griffin for calling Gov. Chris Christie a “cold-hearted fat slob.”

H/T: Newsbusters

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Says It’s OK to Call Him A ‘Fat Slob’ After Being Reprimanded By MSNBC President – Video

Daniel Webster appears on Fox News to respond to Alan Grayson’s completely dishonest “Taliban Dan” attack ad. The ad has backfired on Grayson and Webster is now ahead of him in the polls and has received many contributions over the past few days as a result of the dishonest ad. Webster called the ad another one of Grayson’s false and “nasty tricks to try and impugn my character.”

Daniel Webster Responds to Alan Grayson’s Dishonest ‘Taliban Dan’ Attack Ad – Video

Here is audio of radio great – Mark Levin – sounding off on the audio of President Obama telling author and journalist Bob Woodward that “we can absorb a terrorist attack.”

Levin said “we didn’t absorb” the 9/11 attack. We “responded to it,” even though it had a devastating impact on the country. Levin also said flatly Obama “is an anti-war protester dressed up as a President.”

Listen to Levin’s entire broadcast from 9/28/2010.

Mark Levin: Obama is an “Anti-War Protester Dressed Up as a President” – Audio 9/27/10

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Here is video of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell interviewing Levi Johnston about his plans to run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. O’Donnell asked Johnston many of the same questions Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin back in 2008. Johnston was asked what he reads, and he said he reads “Frontiersman.”

Johnston came off as absolutely ridiculous – which would be accurate. Painful to watch. At the end, O’Donnell had to get in a shot at Sarah Palin by advising Johnston to read the “New York Times,” and telling him if he does, within 5 days “you’ll be up to speed with Sarah Palin.”

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Asks Levi Johnston Couric’s Palin Questions – Video

Dick Morris is out with a new column in The Hill, where he said the November Midterm Elections could bring the “obliteration of a generation” of Democrats. Morris lays out the desperate situation facing Democrat candidates all across the country. He believes the GOP will make huge gains and take control of the House, and will regain control of the Senate as well:

THE HILL: Thanks to the leadership of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, the Democratic Party is facing the biggest defeat in midterm elections in the past 110 years, perhaps surpassing the modern record of a 74-seat gain set in 1922. They will also lose control of the Senate.

Republicans are now leading in 54 Democratic House districts. In 19 more, the incumbent congressman is under 50 percent and his GOP challenger is within five points. That makes 73 seats where victory is within easy grasp for the Republican Party. The only reason the list is not longer is that there are 160 Democratic House districts that were considered so strongly blue that there is no recent polling available. . . . Read More

Dick Morris: Midterm Elections May Bring “Obliteration of a Generation” of Democrats

Republican Daniel Webster has moved out to a 7-point lead over Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson in Florida’s 8th Congressional District, according to a new Sunshine State News Poll. Webster now leads Grayson 43%-36%.

This follows Grayson’s despicable attack ad on Daniel Webster, in which Webster’s words were cut and spliced to make it appear he was saying something he was not. The ad attacked Webster by calling him “Taliban Dan.”

Even MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer called Grayson out on the ad, telling him it has been condemned as “false” by non-partisan observers.

Webster Moves Out to 7-Point Lead over Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson

Here is video of Great Britain’s Daniel Hannan – a member of the European Parliament – talking with Neil Cavuto where he once again spoke up for conservative principles and issued a warning to America about the dangers of moving down the road to European-style Socialism.

Hannan warned against higher taxes and higher spending, saying the only way to get out of debt is to grow your way out. Policies that spur growth and unleash the power of business and enterprise are the only way. Hannan said the common sense policies of the Tea Party Movement are “more reasonable” than the Democrats.

H/T: B.B.

Britain’s Daniel Hannan: Tea Party “More Reasonable” than the Democrat Party – Video 9/28/10

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