Greg Gutfeld Mocks NBC News Correspondent for Claim that Saddam Hussein was Becoming a “Moderate” Prior to U.S.-Led Liberation – Video

Here is video of Laura Ingraham and Greg Gutfeld mocking NBC News Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel for making the claim last week that Saddam Hussein was “moderating” just ahead of the U.S.-led liberation of the Iraqi people from his brutal and despotic regime. Engel seemed to suggest that if the U.S. had not invaded and left him alone, Saddam was becoming more “accommodating” and was ready to join the family of nations.

To that, Gutfeld had a sharp response:

“He said he was being more moderate. You have to ask him what he means by “moderate” – was he talking about his alcohol intake? Was he going to cut back on his booze? Or was he only going to gas half as many Kurds? Or tells his sons they could only rape women every other weekend? Or maybe he was becoming more environmentally-friendly and was going to use renewable car-batteries when he electrocuted his citizens? So, we need him to give us specifics on what he means by “moderation.””

Very well said. Saddam was, and would have always been a threat, to the United States and the free world. He had used Weapons of Mass Destruction on his own people, and would have been a continuing threat to acquire, manufacture or pass on to terrorist groups those kinds of weapons. Iraq and the World are far better off without him. At least they have a chance at freedom. What they will do with that opportunity is up to them.

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