Charlie Cook: House Likely Gone for Dems; 30-35% Chance Dems Lose the Senate – 9/10/10

Charlie Cook – perhaps the nation’s most respected political prognosticator – is out with a new assessment today of the Midterm Elections. It’s not good for Democrats. Cook says there are now 80 Democrat-held House seats in serious play, making it very likely the GOP will win at least the 39 required to take back control of the House. More than 39 is now very likely.

On the Senate side, Cook is predicting between 8-10 pickups for the GOP. He gives a 30-35% chance now that the GOP will get the 10 needed to take control of the U.S. Senate as well.

NATIONAL JOURNAL – Charlie Cook: There is no shortage of bad news for Democrats these days. They are now widely regarded as underdogs in their quest to maintain their majority in the House, and the prospect of Republicans winning a Senate majority, though still unlikely, is quite plausible. At this point, 80 Democratic House seats are in some degree of danger. It is virtually impossible for Democrats to lose all of those races, but the chances are rising that the number will be substantially higher than the 39 seats necessary to put the GOP over the top. Republican gains of eight to 10 Senate seats are expected, and there is a 30-to-35 percent chance that control of the upper chamber will change hands this year. . . . .Read More

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