Krauthammer Challenges DeMint and Palin to Get O’Donnell Elected Now that They Got Her Nominated – Video

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer on with Bill O’Reilly tonight, where he said he believes there is a “1 in 10” chance Christine O’Donnell will win the November Election to the U.S. Senate in Delaware.

Krauthammer said it is “a huge mistake” to jeopardize the Delaware Senate seat by nominating Christine O’Donnell over Mike Castle. Krauthammer’s contention is that it’s all about control of the Senate – whether you would rather have the GOP setting the agenda, or Harry Reid / Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader.

Krauthammer challenged Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin – whom he said got her nominated – to go to Delaware and help her get elected in November.

“Now show me,” Krauthammer said, about DeMint and Palin. He also said he hopes he is wrong, because the GOP needs Delaware to take control.

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