Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln Vote “NO” on Cloture to Bring Up Dream Act and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Amendments – Video 9/21/10

NOTE: Readers have clarified that Sen. Reid had to vote “No” if he wants to move to reconsider the bill at some point in the future. Thus, his “no” vote was a parliamentary decision. I stand corrected and appreciate the clarification. I still think Reid is a “crass political animal,” because, in my opinion, his bringing this up at this time was designed to win votes for himself in November.

Here is video of Democrat Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Harry Reid voting “no” on the cloture vote to bring up the Defense Authorization Bill, which included amendments on getting rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and proposing passage of the “Dream Act.”

Reid was pushing for adoption of the bill and the amendments, but if you watch the video, you will see Blanche Lincoln enter the screen at the top right. She indicates her vote “no” on bringing up the bill. She then walks around to Harry Reid and pats him on the back while saying something to him. Then, notice that Reid walks back to his desk, faces the clerk and votes “no” on the bill!!!! The video then shows Reid’s sanctimoniuous comments later in which he slams Republicans for opposing the bill – when he voted against it himself!!!!

This just shows what a crass, political animal Harry Reid is. He knows he will get credit among Hispanics for his public comments pushing the Dream Act, but at the end he votes against the bill so he is officially on record opposing it. He hopes to get support and votes from both sides by his actions.

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