Democrat Alan Grayson Runs Ad Calling GOP Opponent “Taliban Dan”; UPDATED: Webster Releases Full Video Destroying Grayson Attack! – Videos

UPDATED: Here’s the full clip from the Daniel Webster campaign that shows how pathetic and vile the Grayson ad is. Webster was actually saying the opposite of what the closely cropped ad implies. In fact, Webster was saying “don’t” quote the verse to order your wife to submit. Instead, you do what you are supposed to do as a husband – Husbands, love your wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.” Once the truth gets around, this will backfire on Grayson big time.

Where’s the outrage from the Mainstream Media at Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson running an ad like this?

Grayson calls his GOP opponent Daniel Webster – “Taliban Dan Webster” – by playing very short clips of Webster commenting on the Biblical passage that says a wife is to “submit” to her husband. The clips obviously take the whole thing out of context, and even if they don’t, how in the world can you compare that belief to the Taliban? I guess we know how Grayson feels about anyone who takes the Bible seriously. Imagine if any Republican called their opponent with the name “Taliban.”

It’s time for the voters of his district to put an end to the disgrace of Grayson serving in the U.S. Congress.

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