State Polls for 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Added; Palin, Romney at Top of Most Polls

We have added a whole bunch of 2012 GOP Primary / Caucus Polls from various states issued by Public Policy Polling. You can access those polls by clicking the link on the left-side of our pollbar above – “2012 GOP Presidential Primary / Caucus Polls.” That link will take you to an index of state polls that have been released on the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination.

For national 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Polls, use the link by that name on the left-side of the pollbar above.

On the state polls released, a clear pattern can be seen. The top three candidates in most states are Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee. Palin and Romney usually jockey for one and two, with Huckabee not far behind, although in some states, it is Huckabee in first or second, with either Romney or Palin further down. Gingrich is in fourth in most cases, fairly close to Huckabee. Then you have the next tier of candidates, with Pawlenty and Pence well back from the leaders and close to each other. At the bottom in most polls are Mitch Daniels and John Thune – barely registering.

At this point, the polls don’t tell you much at all about the eventual outcome. They do give a snapshot of who the likely names are to be in the mix, particularly among the well-known names. Daniels, Pence and Thune are just not very well-known among voters, and they have potential for a lot of upside if they can raise their profiles in the months ahead.

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