GOP Rep. Jo Bonner Destroys Charlie Rangel in Hearing Statement – Video 11/18/10

Here is video of Alabama GOP Rep. Jo Bonner at the House Ethics Committee Hearing on what kind of punishment to give to Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel for the ethics violations he was found to have committed by a subcommittee earlier this week.

In an opening statement, Bonner simply destroys Charlie Rangel by stating the situation in plain-to-understand language. Bonner summed it all up by concluding that Rangel has no one to blame other than himself for his predicament. He also stated flatly that Rangel’s actions had “brought discredit” to the House of Representatives.

“Sadly, Madam Chair, it is my unwavering view that the actions, decision, and behavior of our colleague from New York can no longer reflect either honor or integrity.”

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