GOP Rep. Mike Pence Comes Out in Favor of the “Flat Tax”; Calls for Return to “Free Market Economics”

GOP Rep. Mike Pence spoke at the Detroit Economic Club today, and came out fully in favor of the Flat Tax, and called for the United States to abandon “Keynsian spending,” and return to “the practice of free market economics”:

THE HILL: “The time has come for Congress and this administration to take bold action to simplify our tax system and lower people’s taxes,” he said. “The best option, the most pro-growth option, is a flat tax. I believe it is time that America adopted a flat tax and scrapped the current system once and for all.” . . . .

“To restore American exceptionalism, we must end all this Keynesian spending and get back to the practice of free market economics. … The free market is what made America’s economy the greatest in the world, and we cannot falter in our willingness to defend it,” he said. “We should remember what Ronald Reagan said — ‘No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size.’ ” . . . . Read More

Good job by Pence. He looks like he is setting himself up to make a run for the 2012 GOP Nomination, and the Flat Tax could be the centerpiece of his campaign.

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