Here is video of Day 2 of Donald Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly will air the rest of the interview tomorrow, using it for a third straight day.

Trump said he would put an end to China ripping off the United States and taking our jobs. He said he would tell the Chinese as President that they would face a 25% tariff on their goods if they did not stop manipulating their currency. He said he would stop OPEC’s manipulation of oil prices as well. When asked how he would do it, Trump said it is “all about the messenger.” It’s a matter of how the message is delivered to them.

On Iraq, Trump said he would not leave if he were President now. Instead he said he would keep a U.S. presence there to prevent Iran from taking over the oil fields – which he said they will do “two minutes” after we pull our troops out of Iraq. He also said he would protect those oil fields and take some of the Iraqi Oil to pay the United States, Great Britain and other countries back that helped the Iraqis obtain their freedom from Saddam Hussein. That is what O’Reilly had said would make our heads snap back in his teaser of tonight’s interview segment.

On Libya, Donald Trump said the most amazing thing is that we have let France take the lead and not insisted on the Arab League paying for much of the operation. Trump said “it could happen” that the Rebels we are supporting turn out to be worse than Gadhafi.

On Iran, Trump said he would not allow Iran to obtain Nuclear Weapons. When asked how he would stop them, Trump said he would “do what I have to do” to stop them.

Trump’s Interview with O’Reilly – Day 1 3/30/11

Donald Trump Interview on O’Reilly – Day 2 – Video 3/31/11-

Here is video of Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott saying on the House Floor that he is “tired of reading the Constitution and all the silly things we’ve done for the last 13 weeks.”

McDermott was criticizing the way the GOP is running the House of Representatives – particularly that they began by reading the U.S. Constitution.

Actually, Democrats could benefit from reading it a lot more. This ought to fit well in ads for whoever runs against McDermott in 2012.

Via Hot Air

Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott on House Floor: “I’m Tired of Reading the Constitution” – Video

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Here is video of Donald Trump this morning in a combative exchange about the issue of President Obama’s Birth Certificate with MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd. Both Gurthrie and Todd laughed at Trump throughout the exchange, and talked to him with a completely dismissive attitude. Trump was unfazed, continuing to say it is a legitimate issue and that Obama can make it go away by producing his Birth Certificate – not a “Certificate of Live Birth.”

They went on to talk about Libya, where Trump was asked if he would arm the Rebels there. He said he would want to know first “who they are.” Trump indicated he has heard up to 20% of the Rebels are aligned with Al-Qaeda and Iran – with many of them having actually fought against U.S. Troops in Iraq. Trump said he would have found out who they are BEFORE starting a bombing campaign in the country.

As for a timeline on when Trump will decide if he is running for President, he said he would announce a decision “before June.”

Trump got a good shot in at Todd and Guthrie at the end of the interview. He said he was sure they would confirm that his “Celebrity Apprentice” show is “by far” the most popular show on their NBC network. Trump said he was they would confirm that even though they won’t confirm “the birther” issue.

Donald Trump in Combative Exchange on MSNBC over Obama Birth Certificate – Video 3/31/11

Here is a report from Fox News’ Rick Leventhal this afternoon on the situation in Libya. He reports that Rebels were being shelled and pushed back all along the Eastern part of Libya. Gadhafi forces are on the offensive, and Rebels claim they need heavier weapons.

Leventhal also reported that CIA teams are now on the ground in Libya trying to assess what the Rebels need, and whether they can be trusted with weapons we could supply to them. Obama reportedly signed a “secret order” (?) allowing covert action in Libya. If it is a “secret order,” how did the word get out so fast?

Libyan Rebels on the Defensive as Gadhafi Forces Push them Back; CIA on the Ground in Libya? – Video Report 3/31/11

A new Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll out today shows a dead heat nationally between President Obama and Gov. Mike Huckabee. Both garnered 46% of the vote in the survey. Gov. Mitt Romney only trailed Obama by one point, 44%-43%. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – who has repeatedly said he will not run – is within six-points of Obama at 46%-40%. In our average of polls since February 15, Huckabee now trails Obama by only 1.7%, with Romney 4.3% behind.

It’s hard to not notice how poorly Gov. Sarah Palin is showing in poll after poll, both national surveys and state polls. She is now 15.4 points back of Obama in the average of national polls.


Fairleigh Dickinson University

Huckabee     46

Obama  46


Romney        43

Obama  44


Christie         40

Obama  46


Pawlenty      34

Obama  48


Gingrich        37

Obama  52


Palin              34

Obama  54



Huckabee Tied with Obama in New National Poll; Romney only One-Point Back

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What a mess.

Here is a video report from NBC’s Richard Engel in Libya. His report reveals the reality about the Libyan Rebels the U.S. is now supporting. Engel reports they are now discouraged and in full retreat in the face of Gadhafi’s forces.

Engel says Gadhafi’s forces are now using jeeps that look like the vehicles used by the Rebels – making it much harder for NATO aircraft to use airstrikes against them. He also reports the Rebels have weapons that they often don’t know how to use. In one case, Engels says he saw some Rebels attempting to fire a rocket – but they fired it in the wrong direction, backward, into a civilian area.

Virtually all the Rebel gains have now been erased, Engel reported. Gadhafi forces are now within 1 1/2 hours of Benghazi.

Via HotAirPundit

Libyan Rebels in Full Retreat; Gadhafi Forces Just 1 1/2 Hours from Benghazi – Video Report 3/31/11

Here is video of British Foreign Secretary William Hague announcing that Libya’s Foreign Minister – Moussa Koussa – has abandoned Moammar Gadhafi and defected to Great Britain. He also said the defection is a sign that the regime of Dictator Moammar Gadhafi is “crumbling,” and that it is time for Gadhafi “to go.”

Libya’s Foreign Secretary Abandons Gadhafi; British Says Gadhafi Regime is “Crumbling” – Video 3/31/11



Here is video in two parts of Donald Trump appearing on with Bill O’Reilly tonight where they covered a wide range of issues – from health care to illegal immigration to Obama’s Birth Certificate.

Trump said he favors private insurance solutions and allowing people to buy coverage across state lines.

On the border, Trump said he would put troops on the border with Mexico to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and the flow of narcotics. “You either have a country or you don’t.” On what to do with the millions of illegals already here – Trump said they should be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on how productive they have been here.

On Obama’s Birth Certificate, Trump held firm to his call for Obama to show his Birth Certificate. O’Reilly disagreed with him, saying the birth announcements in the Honolulu newspapers sealed the deal for him that Obama was born in Hawaii. Trump was insistent that he does not think that settles the deal.

When asked if there is a “Muslim problem in the world” – Trump said, “Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, I don’t notice Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center.”

Trump also says he is pro-Life, and that he opposes gay marriage.

NOTE: O’Reilly teased the rest of the interview to air tomorrow by saying Trump says something about what he would do in Iraq if elected President that will “make you head snap back.”

Donald Trump Interview with Bill O’Reilly (Day 1) – Video 3/30/11

New York Senator Chuck Schumer was caught on tape Tuesday instructing his Democratic colleagues on how to spin the media with regard to “extreme” Republicans and their budget cuts. “I always use extreme…That is what the caucus instructed me to use,” Schumer blurted.

The liberal senator was apparently unaware his comments were being recorded (The remarks were made moments before a conference call with reporters began.)

Read more: Newsbusters

H/t: HotAirPundit

Schumer Caught on Open Mic Admitting Dem Caucus Instructed Him to Use Word “Extreme” to Describe Republican Cuts – Audio 3/29/11

During a speech on energy, President Obama says Energy Secretary Steven Chu “actually deserved” his Nobel Prize in physics:
“Chu’s the right guy to do this, he’s got a Nobel prize in physics — he actually deserved his Nobel prize.”

H/t: The Blaze

Obama on Energy Secretary’s Nobel Prize: “He Actually Deserved His” – Video 3/30/11

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today giving a strong indictment of The Democrat Party for what they have done to the United States since taking control of the House of Representatives in 2006. Between Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, he describes a litany of disasters they have brought on the nation with their big Government, left-wing ideology and agenda. Limbaugh says flatly that “the Democrats have driven this nation to the brink of bankruptcy and instability.” He also said they are the greatest danger to the future of the country and the next generation.

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats have Driven U.S. to the Brink of Bankruptcy and Instability – Video 3/30/11

Here is a video posted by Donald Trump on YouTube today. It’s titled, “From the Desk of Donald Trump.” Trump says Bill O’Reilly called and wants him to do his show. He indicates he will be on with O’Reilly tonight.

Trump said his main issues are “China, OPEC” and all the other people who are taking advantage of the United States – which he says will stop if he runs for President and wins.

He also mentions the “Birther issue,” which he said is important because a person who is not born in the United States can’t be President.

“The ‘birther issue’ really has resonated – it’s all over the place now. He doesn’t have a Birth Certificate. . . . There’s something fishy going on here.”

Donald Trump Says He Will Appear on O’Reilly; Says “There’s Something Fishy Going On” Surrounding Obama Birth Certificate – Video 3/30/11

Quinnipiac is out with a new poll that has to be extremely concerning to President Obama and his team. It finds that 42% of those surveyed approve of the job he is doing as President, while 48% disapprove.

Even more worrying has to be the answer to whether Obama deserves to be re-elected in 2012. Right now, only 41% of those surveyed say he deserves to be re-elected, while 50% say he does not. Among Independents, 37% say he deserves re-election, while 52% say he does not.

On the key issue of the Budget Deficit, Obama has completely tanked. Only 30% of all those surveyed approve of his handling of the Budget Deficit issue, while 64% disapprove. Just 23% of Independents approve, with a whopping 71% disapproving!

If Republicans can field a halfway strong candidate, Obama is in trouble. It will be much harder for Obama to move these numbers in his favor because he is now a known quantity. Voters know what his agenda is, and in general – they do not like it. Any GOP candidate is likely to begin with lower numbers versus Obama – but there will be much more potential upside, particularly if it is someone not as well-known to people.

Obviously, these numbers can change based on events. But these are not good signs for an incumbent President a year and a half out from an election. To not be anywhere near 50% approval is not where they want to be.

New Poll Has Troubling Numbers for Obama: Only 41% Say Obama Deserves to be Re-Elected

Here is a video report this morning from Rick Leventhal in Libya. He reports from Ajdabiya that Libyan Rebels have been pushed back by forces of Moammar Gadhafi. The oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Brega – recaptured by Rebels over the weekend – are now very much in doubt. Despite NATO Air Strikes, Gadhafi’s forces have regained the offensive and are moving East.

Rick Leventhal Reports from Libya: Gadhafi Forces Regain Offensive Despite NATO Air Strikes – Video Report 3/30/11

Here is a video report on the War in Libya. It indicates opposition rebels were forced to retreat by pro-Gadhafi forces, being pushed back from Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte past the town of Bin Jawad. There are some reports that Gadhafi forces have even retaken the key oil port of Ras Lanuf – even further East. Any idea that the ragtag rebels will be able to easily push Gadhafi from power should now be gone. This is likely to fuel a desire within the Obama Administration to provide arms for the rebels – even though the NATO Commander has admitted there are possible Al-Qaeda influences among them.

Libyan Rebels Forced to Retreat by Pro-Gadhafi Forces; Gadhafi Retakes Oil Port of Ras Lanuf – Video Report 3/30/11

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday with his take on what Obama is doing in Libya. Limbaugh says Obama has decided that the path back to the White House in 2012 goes through Tripoli. He believes Obama is determined to force Gadhafi out in order to prove his “steely resolve” and toughness to be used as an issue in the 2012 campaign.

Via DailyRushbo

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thinks “Path Back to the White House Goes Through Tripoli” – Audio 3/29/11

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