In 2008 Pelosi Blamed Bush for High Gas Prices; Whose Fault is it Now? – Video

In 2008 when gas went to $4 a gallon, Nancy Pelosi was asked why the Democrat-controlled Congress had not been able to prevent the huge rise in gas prices as they promised they would. She blamed the Republicans in the Senate and President Bush.

Today, with a Democrat President, and having controlled both Houses of Congress for four years – able to pass whatever they wanted to – why are gas prices rising once again to near the $4 level in many parts of the country?

I guess all that blaming of President Bush was not true after all. What else was not true that they blamed him for? The truth is – it’s time we use some of the vast resources we have in our own country! Our current Energy Policy is insane. We have oil all over the place in America. We could create thousands of good-paying jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by “drilling here, drilling now!” It will take a Republican President and Congress to ever make that happen. It’s time.

Via HotAirPundit

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