Government Shutdown Avoided; Boehner Confirms Deal has Been Reached

It appears a temporary deal has been reached to avoid a Government Shutdown by passing a continuing resolution until a final agreement can be passed for the 2011 Budget next week:

CNN: Budget negotiators are working on a proposal to keep the federal government open for another week while Democratic and Republican leaders put together a broader deal, a senior Republican close to the talks told CNN Friday night. Disputes over controversial topics like abortion — an apparent sticking point in the talks — have been “essentially resolved,” the source said. The source warned, however, that any deal is still contingent on an agreement on the final spending numbers. A Democratic source told CNN earlier in the evening that negotiators were considering a three-day funding extension that would not include any language tied to the abortion issue. . . . Read More

NOTE: House Speaker John Boehner just spoke to the press and said an agreement has been reached. He said a continuing resolution would be passed tonight and next week a final agreement will be adopted.

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