Sean Hannity Interviews Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison – Video 4/20/11



Tonight, Sean Hannity interviewed Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison – an outspoken Muslim member of Congress.

Hannity asked him about some of his statements criticizing those who opposed the Ground Zero Mosque, where he accused them of being “bigots.” Ellison said he believes some opponents were bigots against Islam – but not all of them.

Ellison took exception to the use of “Islam” or “Islamic” in relation to the terrorists at war against the United States. Ellison said some of them may be Muslim, or they may be White Supremacists, or Christians.

Good grief. How many Christians have flown planes into buildings or blown themselves up to kill innocent people in acts of Jihad? Radical Islam is at war with us – and we’d better recognize that reality.

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