Donald Trump Interview with CNN’s John King: U.S. Will Not be “Great” or “Rich” Again with “Incompetent” Obama as President – Video 4/27/11

Here is video of Donald Trump today sitting down with CNN’s John King in a contentious interview from New Hampshire.

Trump repeated that he is very proud that he was able to get President Obama to show his Birth Certificate when no one else has been able to do so.

They spent a lot of time on China, where King tried to cheap shot Trump by pointing out that his wife sells a line of jewelry made in China on QVC. Trump said, “That’s true,” but pointed out that so many products are not even made in the United States any longer. He said he has to buy many products from China because there is no U.S. made alternative. When King kept trying to interrupt him, Trump said to him, “Can I talk?”

When King kept pushing the hypocrisy angle, Trump said to King, “You’re supposed to be this great reporter – even though your ratings are no good. . .”

Trump confirmed that if he runs for President, he will only run as a Republican. He blasted President Obama as being “incompetent,” saying that the United States will not again be “great” or “rich” with Obama as our leader.

At the end of the interview, King asked Trump if he would take part in a CNN GOP Debate in New Hampshire in June. Trump responded with: “Only after I announce. You can count me in.”

Trump has said he will announce a decision on whether he will run “sometime before June,” but after May 22 when “Celebrity Apprentice” airs its final episode of the season.

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