David Gregory Shamelessly Plays the Race Card on Newt Gingrich; Unbowed, Gingrich Says Election is Choice of “Pay Checks vs. Food Stamps” – Video 5/15/11

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Here is video of Newt Gingrich appearing on Meet the Press today where he was subjected to a ridiculous charge of racism by David Gregory because he recently hammered President Barack Obama for creating a “food stamp” society. Gingrich said in a recent speech that if success is to be measured by how many Americans are on Food Stamps (1 out of 6), then Obama is a great success.

Gregory played the clip of Gingrich’s statement, and then suggested to Gingrich that kind of language is “racially-tinged” because Obama is America’s “first Black President.”

Gingrich immediately reacted: “Oh, come on, David. That’s, that’s bizarre. That — this kind of automatic reference to racism — this is the President of the United States. The President of the United States has to be held accountable. Now, the idea that — and what I said is factually true — Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. One out of every six Americans is on food stamps. and to hide behind the charge of racism? I have — I have never said anything about President Obama which is racist.”

Gingrich did not back off one bit. He went on to explain that the policies Obama is following destroyed the city of Detroit, and will also destroy America. He said he wants to follow the path of Texas – the path of lower taxes and less regulation, which leads to job creation. Gingrich said this election will focus on the stark choice between “pay checks vs. Food Stamps.”


Gregory demonstrates that the liberal media will do everything it can to protect Obama. They will shamelessly play the race card at every turn to try and cow Republicans into going light on Obama. The GOP candidates must resist that tendency. There is nothing they can do to make the media like them, or even give them a fair shake. They MUST continue to do what Gingrich did here and make it clear what Obama is doing to the country. I believe many Americans will see through what they are doing, and are sick of the Left playing the race card to cover up their dismal record.

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