Donald Trump Launches Full-Scale Attack on Paul Ryan, GOP – Video 6/9/11

Here is video of Donald Trump launching a full scale attack against GOP Rep. Paul Ryan and the Republican Party. Trump, who calls himself a strong conservative, is now attacking Republicans – particularly Paul Ryan – for even daring to try and do something to save Medicare for future generations. Trump takes the line that you can’t touch Medicare in any way and win an election. He even predicts here that the GOP will lose control of the House of Representatives in 2012 because of the Ryan Budget Plan.

Trump said all of this as a way to try and explain why he decided not to run for the GOP Nomination. Of course, this is not what he said at the time he decided not to run. If you remember, he said he decided not to run because his passion is in business – in the private sector – and he felt he could contribute more to the nation doing what he loves. But now his reasons for not seeking the GOP Nomination appear to have changed.

One other thing Trump continues to say is that he was “leading the polls” when he decided not to run. That is simply not accurate. Trump announced he was not running on May 16. Trump had led several polls in mid to late April. But after Obama produced a Birth Certificate, and Bin Laden was killed, Trump had actually nose-dived in the polls leading up to his announcement not to run. Trump led the Public Policy Polling survey done April 7-10 with 26% support, but by May 5-8, Trump had fallen to a tie for fifth with only 8% support. I don’t find Trump leading in any poll after the Rasmussen poll of April 26.

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