Juan Williams Agrees that Hannity would be Out at Fox News if He did what Jon Stewart did in Herman Cain Impersonation – Video 6/21/11

Here is video from the Don Imus show this morning where Fox News’ Juan Williams admitted that if Sean Hannity had impersonated Herman Cain with an “Amos and Andy” voice – as liberal comedian Jon Stewart did recently – “he’d be out there barking with the dogs after they threw him out. Come on.”

But Jon Stewart gets away with it – because he is a liberal. Williams and Imus talked about the double-standard that exists today on how liberals and conservatives are treated on the issue of race.

The other aspect of this is that no one on the Left is outraged about what Stewart did because Herman Cain is a conservative! If he was a liberal Democrat running for President – there would be outrage all around.

H/T NewsBusters

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