Struggling Nancy Pelosi Extols the Virtue of Higher Taxes on Business; Accuses Republicans of being Unpatriotic – Video 6/26/11

Nancy Pelosi is utterly shameless.

Here she is talking to CNN’s Candy Crowley where she again and again attacked Republicans as wanting to “abolish Medicare,” and for supporting tax cuts even though tax cuts during the Bush Administration did not create jobs. Of course the Bush Tax Cuts created jobs! In fact, as Fox Nation reports, “following Bush’s 2003 tax relief, the U.S. had 52 months of uninterrupted job growth, the longest run on record.”

Pelosi appeared to have difficulty putting her thoughts into words on several occasions. But for the woman who said ObamaCare needed to be passed “so we can find out what’s in it,” that’s really not that unusual.

In keeping with the Democrats’ “civility” in tone and speech, she also accused Republicans of being “unpatriotic” because they don’t want to raise taxes on corporations and businesses, which would surely result in even more lost jobs. The Democrats don’t have much of a case for re-election to Congress or the White House – so they will just say anything.

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