GOP Sen. Rand Paul Responds to Obama: “Mr. President, We are Here. We Welcome You to Come Back to Town in Between Fundraisers” – Video 6/30/11

Here is video of GOP Sen. Rand Paul speaking from the floor of the U.S. Senate today where he responded to President Obama’s chastisement of Congress yesterday during his Press Conference. Obama said the Congress needs to “cancel things” and “get it done” – referring to solving the debt ceiling crisis.

Today, Rand Paul addressed his remarks to Obama, saying, “Mr. President, we are here. We welcome you to come back to town in between fundraisers.” He had earlier said, “We are here. Where are you?”

Obama is out of Washington today doing another fundraiser in Pennsylvania. Obama chided the Congress even though he is the one who has played golf for the past 13 weekends.

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