House Speaker John Boehner held a Conference Call tonight with House Republicans to describe to them the Debt Limit Deal reached between President Obama and leaders of Congress. Dave Wiegel over at Slate has a transcript of Boehner’s opening remarks on the call:

SLATE: The press has been filled with reports all day about an agreement. There’s no agreement until we’ve talked to you. There is a framework in place that would cut spending by a larger amount than we raise the debt limit, and cap future spending to limit the growth of government. It would do so without any job-killing tax hikes. And it would also guarantee the American people the vote they have been denied in both chambers on a balanced budget amendment, while creating, I think, some new incentives for past opponents of a BBA to support it.

My hope would be to file it and have it on the floor as soon as possible. I realize that’s not ideal, and I apologize for it. But after I go through it, you’ll realize it’s pretty much the framework we’ve been operating in.

Since Day One of this Congress, we’ve gone toe-to-toe with the Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate on behalf of our people we were sent here to represent.

Remember how this all started: the White House demanded a “clean” debt limit hike with no spending cuts and reforms attached. We stuck together, and frankly made them give up on that.

Then they shifted to demanding a “balanced” approach – equal parts spending cuts and tax hikes. With this framework, they’ve given up on that, too.

I’m gonna tell you, this has been a long battle – we’ve fought valiantly – and frankly we’ve done it by listening to the American people. And as a result, our framework is now on the table that will end this crisis in a manner that meets our principles of smaller government.

Now listen, this isn’t the greatest deal in the world. But it shows how much we’ve changed the terms of the debate in this town.

There is nothing in this framework that violates our principles. It’s all spending cuts. The White House bid to raise taxes has been shut down. And as I vowed back in May – when everyone thought I was crazy for saying it – every dollar of debt limit increase will be matched by more than a dollar of spending cuts. And in doing this, we’ve stopping a job-killing national default that none of us wanted.

House Speaker John Boehner on Debt Limit Deal: “The (Obama) White House Bid to Raise Taxes has been Shut Down” – 7/31/11

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(MSNBC) WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced on Sunday that Democrats and Republicans leaders have reached an agreement to reduce the U.S. deficit and avoid default.

Obama said the agreement will cut about $1 trillion over 10 years.

The bipartisan plan will be presented to Congress on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

“Leaders from both parties and in both chambers will present this agreement to our caucuses tomorrow,” Reid said on the Senate floor.

“To pass this settlement, we’ll need the support of Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate. There is no way either party, in either chamber, can do this alone.”

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Obama Announces Leaders of Both Parties Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement – Video 7/31/11

Beyond condescending.

Here is video of CNN Anchor Don Lemon conducting an “interview” with GOP Sen. Rand Paul on the ongoing Debt Limit struggle. Actually, Lemon was totally unprofessional and condesending toward Paul, telling him at the outset he didn’t want to hear “talking points,” while he himself spouted one Democrat Talking Point after another!

Throughout the interview, Lemon interrupted Paul, especially when Paul was giving answers he did not agree with! At one point he literally shouted Paul down to cut off his answer and ask another question. Paul held his ground, and did well in a very difficult environment.

Condescending CNN Anchor Don Lemon Begins Interview with Sen. Rand Paul: “Let’s Do This Interview without Talking Points” – Video 7/30/11

Totally Bush League.

Here is video of President Obama’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – Admiral Mike Mullen – telling worried U.S. Troops in Afghanistan that he is “not sure” whether they and their families will get their pay if a Debt Deal does not get done by August 2. A soldier point blank asked Mullen about it, and he responded:

“I actually don’t know the answer.”

Well, Mullen ought to know the answer, because our Commander-in-Chief should have long ago made it crystal clear that our Military, Veterans, as well as Social Security payments and Medicare payments will go out with no interruption even if a deal is not reached! He can do that because money will still be flowing into the Government and those payments can easily be made with money left over. Other things can go unpaid if necessary, but not the military.

But President Obama has repeatedly used our men and women in uniform, as well as the elderly, as leverage in this battle with Republicans. His ought to be ashamed of himself that any American Soldier serving in harm’s way would have to worry about whether their family will get their paycheck.

It’s time for President Obama to tell the truth and make it clear our troops don’t need to worry about being paid.

Via Gateway Pundit

The Fruit of Obama’s Shameless Threats: Adm. Mike Mullen Tells U.S. Troops in Afghanistan He Doesn’t Know if They Will be Paid – Video 7/31/11

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Here is video of NBC’s Chuck Todd describing the contours of the compromise deal being worked out right now between President Obama and Congressional Leaders to raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling.

Todd says the deal is “very, very close,” but not yet done. The problem could be getting Democrats on board, even more than Republicans. Todd said they are talking about “only cuts” – which is not setting well with Democrats, who wanted tax increases as part of a deal. Todd said Republican leaders believe they can get around 180 GOP votes in the House, meaning they would need only around 40 Democrats to approve it in the Senate.

Some kind of very short-term (a few days) extension is possible first, while the final details of this deal get hammered out.

Debt Deal “Very, Very Close” Between Obama and Republicans; Many Democrats Not Pleased – Video Report 7/31/11

On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Jon Kyl goes after the Tea Party members in the House who say they are “standing on principle” by voting against raising the debt ceiling. Kyl said they remind him “a lot of Senator Barack Obama, who did the same thing, voting against the debt ceiling increase when he was in the senate.”

H/t: Gateway Pundit

Sen. Jon Kyl: Tea Party Republicans “Remind Me a lot of Senator Barack Obama” – Video 7/31/11

Via a Powerline contest, here is a song that tells the truth, that in the end of all this “Debt-Ceiling” madness – “You’re Gonna Pay, cause someone’s got to.”

Music Video: “You’re Gonna Pay – ‘Cause Someone’s Got To”

BREAKING: ABC News’ Jonathan Karl is reporting tonight that the Obama White House and Republicans have struck a tentative deal to increase the Debt Ceiling before the August 2 deadline set by President Obama:

ABC NEWS – ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports:

ABC News has learned that Republicans and the White House have struck a tenative deal to raise the debt ceiling before the Aug. 2 deadline. It’s not done yet, but here is the framework of the tentative deal they have worked out, according to a source familiar with the negotiations:

– Debt ceiling increase of up to $2.8 trillion

– Spending cuts of roughly $1 trillion

– Vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment

– Special committee to recommend cuts of $1.8 trillion (or whatever it takes to add up to the total of the debt ceiling increase)

– Committee must make recommendations before Thanksgiving recess

– If Congress does not approve those cuts by late December, automatic across-the-board cuts go into effect, including cuts to Defense and Medicare.

UPDATED 11:13 PM ET: ABC News has added that a “Vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment” is also included in the tentative deal. The White House is now saying no deal has been struck – that talks are ongoing.

BREAKING: Obama Reportedly Strikes Tentative Deal to Raise the Debt Ceiling with Republicans – 7/30/11 UPDATED: Vote on the “Balanced Budget Amendment” Included in Deal; White House Says Talks Ongoing – No Deal to Report

Here is video of Patricia Powell, founder and CEO of the Powell Financial Group, appearing on Fox News today, where she advised Americans to have cash on hand in the event there is no deal on the Debt Limit by August 2. Powell suggested people should have “$1,000” in cash, because there is an outside chance people could have trouble accessing their credit.

“For most of us, if we had $1,000 in bills in our drawer, we would be fine. I don’t expect you’re going to need them. But you know what? If you need them, it’d be nice to have.”

Via The Daily Caller

Financial Adviser Interviewed on Fox News Suggests Everyone Have “$1,000 Cash on Hand” as August 2 Debt Limit Deadline Approaches – Video 7/30/11

UPDATE: 8/5/11 – Watch Rubio Deliver His Own “A Time for Choosing Speech” to Young Conservatives – Complete Video 8/2/11

Absolutely incredible.

Here is video of GOP Sen. Marco Rubio giving a truly impassioned speech on the Senate Floor today, where he issued a call to Democrats to “save the country” along with Republicans by “seeking solutions” to the core problem America faces: Spending. Rubio said raising the debt ceiling is the “easiest” thing to do right now. Getting the spending under control is the real problem that must be dealt with.

Rubio also allowed Democrat Sen. John Kerry to interrupt him with some questions, which he handled with great ease (around the 7-minute mark of the video).

Marco Rubio is a gifted speaker. Republicans, and even more importantly, the nation, has a bright future with him.

Via The Powers that Be

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers Stunning Speech on Debt Crisis from Senate Floor; Gets into Back and Forth with Democrat John Kerry – Video 7/30/11

Here is video of Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi losing it on the House Floor today, calling House Speaker John Boehner’s Debt Limit Bill, “perfectly absurb,” and then saying Boehner had “gone over to the dark side.”

Pelosi was speaking for the Reid Bill – which went down to defeat by a wide margin after Pelosi’s speech. When Republican David Drier tried to get Pelosi to yield, she shouted, “I will not yield.”

Pelosi is a complete lunatic. Democrats need to keep putting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid out front. Obama should take them around the country with him to campaign all through 2012. The more Americans hear Nancy Pelosi, the bigger Obama’s defeat will be!

Democrat Nancy Pelosi Rants Against House Speaker John Boehner on the House Floor; Says He has “Gone Over to the Dark Side” – Video 7/30/11

Here is video of the U.S. House announcing the Harry Reid Debt Limit Plan was rejected by a vote of 173-246. The vote required a 2/3 Majority of the House to suspend the rules and call the bill up to the floor for consideration. It only got 173 votes – not a majority, much less a 2/3 majority. The House has adjourned for the day and will return tomorrow, though no votes are expected tomorrow.

U.S. House of Representatives Rejects Harry Reid Debt Limit Plan 173-246 – Video 7/30/11

A hint at his impending announcement for President? Here is Rick Perry speaking to Colorado Conservatives where he said it was good to be in Denver – “the mile high city” – “particularly when you’re headed into a conflict.”

Watch the complete speech.

Rick Perry in Mile High City: “It’s Good to Get on High Ground, Particularly When You’re Headed into a Conflict” – Video 7/29/11

Here is complete video of Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado yesterday, where he challenged his listeners to join him in “restoring the nation’s principles,” and “lighting the way for millions adrift in a sea of economic misery.” Perry sounded very much like a man ready to enter the 2012 Presidential race, asking, “If we don’t, who will? If not now, when?”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “Let Us Restore the Nation’s Principles – If We Don’t, Who Will? If Not Now, When?” – Complete Speech Video 7/29/11

Here is a video clip of Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaking at the Western Conservative Conference in Colorado yesterday, where he told the crowd conservatives need to “redouble their efforts in 2012 to send even more liberals into the private sector.” Perry went on to say that includes President Obama, “who would be a lot better commentator on a Sunday morning talk show than the nation’s Chief Executive Officer.”

Rick Perry: Obama Would be a “Whole Lot Better Commentator on a Sunday Morning Talk Show than as the Nation’s CEO” – Video 7/29/11

Try as they might, even the Mainstream Media is having a hard time defending Obama on the Debt Limit battle.

Here is video of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer saying House Speaker John Boehner has made “fair points” in saying President Obama has presented no plan – nothing on paper – to deal with the Debt Limit Crisis, while the GOP has no passed two plans:

“He (Boehner) makes some fair points. There’s been no plan, on paper, that the Obama Administration has put forward, and no legislation put forward by the Democrats who control the Senate. Those are fair points. . . Why haven’t the Democrats – including the President – actually put some actual proposal with numbers on the table that could be considered or scored by the Congressional Budget Office?”

Exactly, Wolf!

Via GOP Rapid Response

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Admits Obama and the Democrats have “No Plan” on Debt Limit Crisis – Video 7/29/11

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