GOP Rep. Joe Walsh has President Obama Pegged: “He’s in Over His Head. . . in Denial. . . and Acted Like a 10-Year-Old” – Video 6/30/11

Give Illinois GOP Rep. Joe Walsh a round of applause.

That’s what I felt like doing after hearing him in this video telling it like it is about President Barack Obama. Walsh was particularly talking about Obama’s behavior at his recent Press Conference:

“Look, I’ve been pretty blunt in what I think of this President. I think he’s in over his head, I think he’s in denial and yesterday he acted like a ten-year-old. Now, none of that bothers me because I don’t think he’s really even part of this debate. This President a few months ago started running for re-election. He hasn’t been serious about any of the serious fiscal issues our country is facing. I don’t take him very seriously. . . . .”

“We voted for this guy because of who he was. We didn’t vote for him based on anything he’d done, because he really didn’t have much of a resume – We all acknowledge that. I think very few of us voted for him because of anything he said. He was a historic figure, and now I think we are beginning to wake up and realize he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and worse than that – he doesn’t like to take any kind of criticism. I’m not talking about you in particular, Eliot – your profession (the media) has protected this guy. He’s in a cocoon, and the minute somebody pokes him and gets critical with him, look at how huffy he gets. He says, “Where have you been Republicans?” Here’s a guy who has been on 33 fundraising trips since the beginning of the year, who’s been on 17 rounds of golf, and he’s talking about where the Republicans have been. You may not like what we’re doing, but the Republicans have put forward a budget – 800 days now and the Senate (Democrat-controlled) hasn’t done anything, and this President has been AWOL.”

Could it be summed up any better than that? I believe there are a lot of Americans – some of them who voted for Obama in 2008 – who are thinking the same things. I’m impressed with Walsh.

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