Rush Limbaugh Says Joplin, Missouri the Winner of a Shipment of His “Two if by Tea” for the 4th of July; Limbaugh to go to Joplin and Speak

UPDATED 7/5/11 – Go here for complete video of Rush’s speech in Joplin on July 4!

Rush Limbaugh announced on his radio program about an hour ago that Joplin, Missouri has won his “Two if by Tea” contest to receive a semi-load of his new line of ice teas for their Fourth of July community event.

Limbaugh invited people to write in a couple of weeks ago to say why their community should be selected. He said Joplin was the overwhelming winner, with many people from other communities actually writing to say he should choose Joplin.

In addition to the huge shipment of tea, iced and ready for drinking that will head to Joplin, Limbaugh announced he would go to Joplin himself and be there for the city’s celebration. He said he will make a brief speech in the city’s Landreth Park at around 8:00 PM the evening of the Fourth.

Go here for more information. You can order Limbaugh’s “Two if by Tea” online.

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