Sen. Fred Thompson to House Republicans: “Accept Victory and Move On” – 7/26/11

Former GOP Sen. Fred Thompson has written an “Open Letter” at National Review Online,” in which he says House Republicans need to “accept the victory” in the Debt Limit Battle with President Obama and the Democrats, “and move on”:

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE (Fred Thompson): As someone who understands the pressures and difficulties you have been going through, I want to say, “Congratulations.” You won, and so did the country.

Absent some major miscalculations, within the next few days there will be official acknowledgement of what has already happened.

At the beginning of the debt-ceiling debate, a realistic, optimistic outcome essentially would have been this: The Republicans would take the initiative and put their plan before the American people. The debt-ceiling increase would be accompanied by corresponding spending cuts. There would be no new taxes. You would drive a hard bargain in the face of unrelenting presidential and Democratic demagoguery — some of it on national television — drawing the attention and focus of the American people to the truth about our country’s fiscal and economic situation. Sure, people would initially ask, “Why are the Republicans now willing to take this thing to the wire when a debt-limit increase has usually been pro forma?” But at the end of the day, more Americans than ever before would understand what is going to happen to us as a country if we continue our current path. . . . Read More

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