Gov. Tim Pawlenty to Pull Radio and TV Ads in Iowa Three Days Before Iowa Straw Poll, August 13

Word is out tonight that Gov. Tim Pawlenty has decided to pull his radio and TV ads in Iowa for the three days leading up to the Ames Iowa Straw Poll on August 13. They claim it has nothing to do with a shorfall in funds, but is rather a focus on turnout for the Straw Poll. But if they are not strapped for cash, you would think they would want to do both. Pawlenty is banking on doing well in this Straw Poll. If his finish were to mirror most of the national polls, he will be in big trouble. Pawlenty must do well in Iowa:

POLITICO: Tim Pawlenty will be pulling his radio and television ads off the air in the 72 hours before next Saturday’s straw poll in Ames.

The former Minnesota governor’s presidential campaign says it’s not short on cash, but simply planning to divert money into turning out supporters at the Aug. 13 event that’s a traditional test of campaign strength. They’re hoping Pawlenty’s already attracted enough voters through the time he’s spent in Iowa in recent months, especially in the last few weeks, when he’s been in the state nearly full-time. But the calculated shift in resources is also a recognition that Pawlenty needs to organize his fans into a political machine capable of beating expectations — and his better-known 2012 rivals.

“It’s such a small universe of people, we really want to focus on people we know are supporting us — focus on turnout mode instead of name ID and recruitment,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is advising Pawlenty on the straw poll, told POLITICO. . . . Read More

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