Newsweek to Run Unflattering Photo of Michele Bachmann on Cover; Calls Her “The Queen of Rage” UPDATE: “NOW” Defends Bachmann – Calls Photo Cover “Sexist”

Of all the photos of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann they could have used, this is what Newsweek has chosen to feature on their cover. Notice they call Bachmann, “The Queen of Rage.”

Can anyone really say with a straight face that the Mainstream Media is not totally biased against conservatives?

UPDATE: The National Organization for Women – hardly a fan of Michele Bachmann – has chimed in on the cover photo. They agree it crosses the line, calling it “sexist.” Probably still not enough for the Bachmann haters on the Left to admit the obvious.

DAILY CALLER: One of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s major political opponents is defending her against what it says is blatant sexism on the part of Newsweek magazine.

Monday, the National Organization for Women (NOW) spoke out against Newsweek’s most recent cover, which features an extreme close-up of Michele Bachmann and the title “The Queen of Rage.”

“It’s sexist,” NOW president Terry O’Neill told TheDC. “Casting her in that expression and then adding ‘The Queen of Rage’ I think [it is]. Gloria Steinem has a very simple test: If this were done to a man or would it ever be done to a man – has it ever been done to a man? Surely this has never been done to a man.” . . . Read More

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