Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Says Fort Hood Shooter Not a Terrorist; Calls U.S. Soldiers “Terrorists” – Video


Totally vile.

Here is video of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan speaking in Harlem recently where he said Fort Hood mass shooter Nidal Malik Hasan is “not a terrorist,” but instead accused U.S. Soldiers of being murderers, rapists and “terrorists.” Farrakhan actually said Hasan was just a good Muslim striking back at “terrorists” he debriefed – meaning the U.S. Military.

The truth is, the American Solider is of all people, “one of the world’s noblest figures,” as General Douglas MacArthur said to West Point Cadets in his famous, “Duty, Honor, Country” Speech (below) :

That’s the right description of the American Solider. The U.S. Soldiers condemned as “terrorists” by Louis Farrahkan have spent years of their lives seeking to bring freedom and hope to millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have defended Muslim people there against the vicious and brutal Taliban and Al-Qaeda oppressors. His vicious attacks are ironic when you consider that Muslim women in those nations are brutalized on a regular basis – not by American Soldiers – but by their own Muslim men who think they have a right to do so under Sharia Law.

I agree with MacArthur – the American Soldier is one of the “world’s noblest figures.”

And Louis Farrahkan – how will he be remembered when all is said and done? Somehow the word “noble” does not come to mind.

Via The Blaze

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