Here is video of Fox News’ Carl Cameron interviewing Texas Gov. Rick Perry in New Hampshire.

Cameron begins with a report on the state of the Presidential Campaign today, and then interviewed Perry. Cameron went right at Perry on why so many conservatives are upset with him about his support for in-state tuition for the children of illegal aliens in Texas. Perry defended his record on illegal immigration, and said his actions were in line with the will of the state legislature and the people of Texas. He pledged to secure the border, something President Obama has refused to do.

Perry reacted to Obama calling the American people “soft.” Perry said the American people are “plenty tough.” But we have a “soft President.”

Rick Perry continues to fail to explain the whole in-state tuition issue well. The best he can do is to make clear that the Texas DREAM Act had nothing to do with amnesty. It only deals with giving the children of illegals access to in-state tutition, but it is not connected to a path to citizenship like the proposed Federal DREAM Act is. That would still not deal with the basic problem of his position, but it would make an important distinction.

Rick Perry Interviewed by Fox News’ Carl Cameron; Reacts to Obama Calling the American People “Soft” – Video 9/30/11

Earlier, we shared a report that Mike Huckabee was reconsidering his decision not to make a run for President. But he says that’s not the case.

Via HotAirPundit

Mike Huckabee Says He is NOT Reconsidering Presidential Run – Video 9/30/11

Here is a shocking poll result. A new Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey in the very blue state of Connecticut shows Mitt Romney trailing President Barack Obama by only 2-points, 47%-45%:

PPP: Connecticut isn’t a place that would go on anybody’s list of swing states but Barack Obama is in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney there, leading only 47-45.

Obama’s poor showing in Connecticut is mostly a function of his own unpopularity. Despite having won it by 23 points in 2008 his approval numbers are now under water at 48/49. That represents a 17 point net shift in the wrong direction since PPP last polled the state in March- at that time Obama’s approval was a positive 55/39 spread. The decline has come because he’s unpopular with independents (41/53) and also because an unusually high 20% of Democrats disapprove of the job he’s doing.

Romney’s favorability is 41/42, not great numbers but better than he is doing in most states. In the head to head with Obama he takes independents by 12 points at 48-36 and gets crossover support from 14% of Democrats while losing just 9% of the Republican vote.

The competitiveness in Connecticut is limited to Romney. Against the rest of the Republican field Obama leads by double digits- it’s 12 points against Rick Perry at 53-41, 13 against Ron Paul at 51-38, 16 against Newt Gingrich at 54-38, and 19 against Michele Bachmann at 55-36. . . . Read More

Via Fox Nation

Shock Poll: Romney Virtually Even with Obama – in Connecticut

UPDATED 7:00 PM ET: Huckabee Says He is NOT considering a run.

Wouldn’t this shake things up?!

REUTERS: Mike Huckabee has been approached by Republican and conservative activists unhappy with the current crop of presidential hopefuls and he is considering entering the fray, two sources who have spoken with Huckabee told Reuters.

The former Arkansas governor, who made a splash by winning the Iowa caucuses as a candidate in 2008, announced last May on his Fox News show that he would not enter the race.

But the conservative Huckabee, who appeals to evangelical Christians and is seen as an effective campaigner, is taking another look at jumping in, said the two sources, who are close to Huckabee. They spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

“He is entertaining the request for conversations about it,” one of the sources said. “I do not think it is a complete 100 percent ‘I’m reconsidering’ but he hasn’t shut the door on it.” . . . Read More

Report: Gov. Mike Huckabee Reconsidering Run for President – 9/30/11

Here is a devastating new Mitt Romney ad attacking Texas Gov. Rick Perry for supporting in-state tuition for the children of illegal aliens in Texas.

The ad first points out that Perry’s position puts him on the side of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on the issue, and then it really lowers the boom. It features video of former Mexican President Vicente Fox praising Rick Perry for his position – for “giving access to Mexican migrants to universities in Texas.”

The Romney ad team has been beyond great so far, and one thing this demonstrates is that if Romney winds up winning the GOP Nomination, he will be prepared to go after Barack Obama in a very effective way when it comes to political ads – something the McCain Campaign was never willing to do. The Romney Campaign has a “mean, junk-yard dog” side to it, and that’s what you need, frankly, to win a General Election against a Democrat who is the darling of the media.

Devastating New Mitt Romney Ad Features former Mexican President Praising Rick Perry for his In-State Tuition Policy – Video 9/29/11

This news is a great way to start the day. U.S. born Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki is dead, killed by an airstrike in Yemen.

FOX NEWS: Terror mastermind and senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki is dead, senior U.S. officials confirmed to Fox News.

Al-Awlaki, a U.S.-born Islamic militant cleric who became a prominent figure in Al Qaeda’s most active branch, using his fluent English and Internet savvy to draw recruits to carry out attacks in the United States, was killed Friday in the mountains of Yemen, American and Yemeni officials said.

The Yemeni government and Defense Ministry announced al-Awlaki’s death, but gave no details. A senior U.S. official said American intelligence supports the claim that he had been killed. Another confirmed that the Al Qaeda leader was dead, describing him as a “big fish.” Neither would confirm or deny if it was a U.S. airstrike.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

Yemeni security officials and local tribal leaders said al-Awlaki was killed in an air strike on his convoy that they believed was carried out by the Americans. They said pilotless drones had been seen over the area in previous days. . . . Read More

U.S. Born Al-Qaeda Leader Anwar Al-Awlaki Dead; Killed by Airstrike in Pakistan – Video Report 9/30/11

Here is video of Newt Gingrich on the PBS Newshour with Judy Woodruff, explaining his new “21st Century Contract with America” that he unveiled today. Gingrich has moved up to double-digits at 11% in a new Fox News Poll.

NEWT.ORG: The 21st Century Contract with America will be much larger than the original, and will consist of four parts. A set of legislative proposals to shift America back to job creation, prosperity, freedom, and safety.

A “First Day” project of Executive Orders to be signed on inauguration day to immediately transform the way the executive branch works.

A training program for the transition teams and the appointees who will lead the shift back to Constitutional, limited government (coming soon);

A system of citizen involvement to help us sustain grassroots support for change and help implement the change through 2021 (coming soon). . . . Read More

Newt Gingrich Unveils His New “21st Century Contract with America” – Video 9/29/11

We told you about Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani weeks ago. Pastor Yousef remains steadfast in his Christian faith and has once again refused to recant his commitment to Jesus Christ. He has been sentenced to death for his faith in Islam-dominated Iran. Reports indicate the execution could be carried out soon, as early as tomorrow – Friday – the day Muslims go to the mosque for worship:

International Business Times: Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is facing the death penalty, again refused to convert to Islam to save his life.

Nadarkhani was arrested in 2009 for the crime of apostasy because he allegedly abandoned Islam for Christianity. As a pastor, Iranian clerics believe that Nadarkhani was preaching in order to convert Muslims.

Before his last hearing Wednesday, Nadarkhani had been given three previous chances to repent, and all three times he has refused. After his final refusal Wednesday, no verdict has been announced, but many expect that he could be put to death as soon as Friday.

The case has slowly garnered international attention, and there are a number of Christian rights groups advocating for his release.

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner also has spoken out against Iran. . . . Read More

May Pastor Yousef have the strength and courage he needs to continue to stand strong, and may God use his witness to transform the nation of Iran.

Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani Refuses to Recant His Christian Faith; Could be Executed as Early as Friday – 9/29/11

Here is a video report out of New Orleans about the outrage among liberals at some billboards posted by a man on his own private property that mock President Obama and his failure in office. One billboard depicts Obama in a diaper, and points out his huge failure to turn the U.S. Economy around, and the blame he tries to place on everyone else.

Liberal protesters, and local Government liberals are trying to take the signs down any way they can.

NewsBusters has more (Via Gateway Pundit).

Liberals in New Orleans Outraged at Sign Depicting President Obama in a Diaper – Video Report 9/29/11

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer talking about Obama’s incredible weakness right now with Independent voters. His support with them has now sunk as low as 31%. Krauthammer said:

“I think if Obama cannot rise from the 31% approval rating he has among independents, he’s going to suffer a landslide.”

Via Fox Nation

Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Weakness with Independents: “He’s Going to Suffer a Landslide” – Video 9/29/11

Add Missouri to the list of states likely to have an early Presidential Primary in 2012 – February 7:

AP: Missouri is poised to hold an early presidential primary next year, a move that could inject more confusion into the 2012 election calendar by prompting other states to elbow to the front of the campaign line.

Lawmakers are moving closer to the end of a special legislative session without rescheduling the primary now set for Feb. 7, as national party officials would prefer. The February date would make Missouri’s vote the second presidential contest in the nation, a day after Iowa’s caucuses and before the New Hampshire primary. Saturday is the deadline for states to schedule their 2012 primaries. The prospect of action by Missouri lawmakers before then appears slim. . . . Read More

To make it even more confusing, to avoid losing 50% of its delegate to the 2012 GOP Convention, Missouri may hold the primary on February 7 but actually allocate their delegates to the convention through a caucus system in March – thus not violating the RNC rules about holding their delegate allocation contest prior to March 6.

Missouri Likely to Hold 2012 GOP Primary on February 7

2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Polls – National









40-Day Average of Polls

















View Polling Data


Here are the latest 40-day polling averages for the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates. Perry still leads, but as some of the older polls roll off the average in the next couple of weeks, you’ll see that lead come down considerably.

NOTE: We hope to have all the state polls updated by the end of this coming weekend. Still trying to catch up after traveling for a week!

Polling Average Update: Perry Still Leads on Strength of Older Polls; Cain, Gingrich Moving Up – 9/29/11

Here is video of Texas Gov. Rick Perry in a wide-ranging interview with Newsmax. During the interview, Perry said his comment during last week’s debate that those who oppose in-state tuition for the children of illegal aliens “don’t have a heart,” was “inappropriate.” (NOTE: Perry addresses the issue at the 5:25 mark of the video).

Rick Perry Admits His “Don’t Have a Heart” Comment was “Inappropriate” – Video 9/28/11

While the GOP Presidential Primary Calendar is still in flux when it comes to early-voting states, it appears that a long nomination battle will definitely favor Gov. Mitt Romney. For someone to knock Romney out, they will have to do it by Super Tuesday on March 6. If Perry, Cain or someone else is not clearly ahead by then, the primary calendar is squarely on Romney’s side:

POLITICO: . . . One result of the proportional allocation system Republicans installed in August 2010 is this: the candidates will divide the delegates out of the early primary states, which could leave the two frontrunners—Romney and Perry—almost even.

Perry is favored in Iowa, South Carolina and the now-likely Feb. 7 Missouri primary, while Romney has strong support in New Hampshire and Nevada, plus Michigan on Feb. 28. Other crucial early states, like Florida and Arizona, could go either way.

On March 6, a smaller-than-usual Super Tuesday – only about 10 states rather than the 24 in 2008 – is centered in Perry country: Texas and handful of other Southern states.

After the four traditional early states, “it becomes a real game of electoral math,” said Phil Musser, a Republican consultant unaffiliated in the 2012 race.

“I suspect that the Romney people are the only ones to really, truly focus on this map with any seriousness,” he said.

After Super Tuesday and a few other smaller Southern primaries in March, the calendar almost entirely favors Romney – March 20 is Illinois, and April 24 is slated for a slew of Northeastern states that will almost all go to Romney. (As a Northeastern governor, the same math would likely apply to Christie).

The changes to the broader primary structure were made primarily to please GOP officials from around the country, all of whom would like their states to participate in the primary process. A shift toward dividing delegates proportionally in each state makes it hard for a frontrunner to amass big lead—and thus effectively claim the nomination before most states have voted.

But the Romney camp also has had a hand in crafting the calendar. Aides like longtime RNC member Ron Kaufman were on hand to keep an eye on the process, and the former Massachusetts governor’s allies continue to try to tweak the calendar around its edges, and to move up Romney-friendly states. . . . Read More

To Knock Out Mitt Romney, Someone Needs to Do It by Super Tuesday

I knew Michele Bachmann’s poll numbers have gone way down, but I never thought about the possibility that her campaign might not even make it to the Iowa Caucuses. It sounds like her cash is drying up. That’s a shocking turnaround for a candidate who actually won the Iowa Straw Poll just six weeks ago, and was leading in some polls:

NEW YORK POST: Will Michele Bachmann make it to Iowa? Insiders are whispering that the Tea Party darling’s financials are grim and she may be out of the race before she makes it to the Iowa caucus in February, even though she has a strong base in the state. Sources tell us say Bachmann’s skeletal staff are holding their collective breath until the deadline to disclose her fundraising report on Oct. 15. Meanwhile, we hear a computer vendor has called her campaign headquarters threatening to shut down the power due to an outstanding bill. Sources say she had about $400,000 at the beginning of September, but also stacks of bills. . . . Read More

Could Michele Bachmann’s Campaign End before the Iowa Caucuses?

Herman Cain has had a great week. Even those in the media are now beginning to recognize that he has moved into the top-tier of candidates in the GOP Presidential Race, along with Romney and Perry:

BELTWAY CONFIDENTIAL – Byron York: It took a few days to become clear, but events last week at the Republican debate and straw poll in Orlando have dramatically reshaped the GOP presidential race. In a new poll from Fox News, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has regained the lead in the race, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fallen to second place, and Georgia businessman Herman Cain has made a big leap into the contest’s top tier.

In the new survey, conducted from September 25 to 27, Romney has the support of 23 percent of respondents, while Perry is at 19 percent and Cain is at 17 percent. That’s a complete re-ordering of the race from the last Fox News poll, conducted August 29 to 31. In that survey, Perry led the race with 29 percent, Romney was second with 22 percent, and Cain was in fifth place, with six percent.

Romney’s support has remained remarkably stable at a time of great change in the race. While Romney is cruising forward, Perry’s support has dropped ten percentage points, while Cain’s has risen 11 points. (Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came in fourth in the survey, with 11 percent, and all other candidates were in single digits.) . . . Read More

The GOP has a New Top-Tier of Candidates

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