Herman Cain Explains His “999 Plan”; Says It Will Create “6 Million Jobs” and Cut Unemployment in Half – Video 9/26/11

Here is video of Herman Cain today once again explaining his “9-9-9 Plan” to get the U.S. Economy going.

Cain’s plan would replace the current tax system with:

– A 9% Business Flat Tax

– A 9% Personal Income Tax

– A 9% National Sales Tax

It would replace corporate income taxes, personal income taxes, estate taxes, the payroll tax and the capital gains tax.

Cain said his 9-9-9 Plan has now been independently scored, and the analysis and scoring show that it would “create 6 million jobs,” and that it would cut the unemployment rate “to about half of what it is today.” Cain said that analysis will be released publicly “in the next couple of days.”

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