MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Goes After Herman Cain with Repeated Gotcha Questions in Combative Interview – Complete Video 10/6/11


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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


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This is what passes for journalism at MSNBC.

Here is video from tonight of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell interviewing Herman Cain. From the beginning of the “interview,” O’Donnell went after Cain with one gotcha question after another. He first tried to get Cain to back off his use of the word “brainwashed” to describe many Democrat voters. Cain would not. Then, he actually attacked Cain with a question on why Cain sat “on the sidelines” during the Civil Rights Movement. O’Donnell specifically asked Cain about Rosa Parks and what would have happened if she had “stayed out of trouble” as Cain’s father had advised him to do. Cain explained he was in High School at the time, and that’s why his Dad had told him that. O’Donnell harangued Cain for being in College from 1963-1967 and sitting on the “sidelines” while the Civil Rights movement played out. However, the facts are that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus in December of 1955 – when Herman Cain was only 10 years old.

If that were not bad enough, O’Donnell later also tried to make it look like Herman Cain “avoided” service to his country during the Vietnam War. He asked Cain how he managed to do that. Cain explained his draft board asked him to continue his work in ballistics for the Navy rather than join the military because what he was doing was important. Cain was a mathematician at the time. He also explained he made himself available for the draft, but his number was not called, and he continued his work for the Navy in ballistics. O’Donnell then went after Cain for not joining the military – “like John Kerry did” – ignoring that Cain had already explained that he was serving the nation through his work for the Navy in ballistics, and that his Draft Board had actually asked him to do so.

It is amazing to think that the people on MSNBC attack Fox News as not being real journalists, when they allow their on-air personalities to treat a guest this way. Never have I seen a guest of any political persuasion treated like this on any Fox News program. For his part, Cain did an outstanding job, and certainly shows he can stand up to very harsh questioning. While it may be a little more subtle from others in the media, this is what awaits whoever becomes the GOP Nominee.

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