CNN’s John King Lectures Jason Mattera for His Ambush of Vice-President Joe Biden – Video 10/26/11

Here is video of CNN’s John King scolding Human Events Editor Jason Mattera for his pointed questioning of Vice-President Joe Biden recently, that took place in the Hart Senate Office Building. Mattera was reportedly wearing his media badge, and asked Biden for a photo before asking him pointedly about his recent comments that “rape” and other crimes would increase if Obama’s “Jobs Plan” was not passed by Congress.

King scolds Mattera for “misrepresenting” himself to get access. But Mattera defended himself ably by pointing out that liberal icons like CBS News’ Mike Wallace won awards for his “ambush journalism,” something King really had no answer for.

The bottom line is that the media is all for ambush journalism when it’s a liberal ambushing a conservative. But when the shoe is on the other foot – it’s a scandal. Mattera has become the best there is at what the liberals used to think was a tactic they owned exclusively. That has really gotten under their skin!

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