Video of Rush Limbaugh’s Extensive Interview with Greta Van Susteren – Video 12/14/11

PART 1 – On Barack Obama – “He’s the problem”

PART 2 – On Mitt Romney

PART 3 – The Battle for the White House

Here is video of an extensive interview Rush Limbaugh did with Greta Van Susteren last night. He hammered President Obama, essentially saying that Obama has a “chip on his shoulder” because he thinks America has never been the way it should be, and has acquired its wealth and place in the world illegitimately. Limbaugh believes Obama is trying to remake America by cutting her down to size.

“Obama’s the problem. Obama has a vision of this country that is not held by anywhere near a majority of people. Do you realize if Obama had run for office in 2008 campaigning on what he’s done, he wouldn’t have gotten 30% of the vote, if that, which is pretty well commensurate with how liberals have to run. They have to lie. They have to mischaracterize who they are, what they are, what they want to do, what they stand for. They are a minority in this country. They are a minority of thought. But they are not perceived that way. They have the mainstream media with them. The perception is that they are a much larger block than they really are.”

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