Sarah Palin Says “It’s Not Too Late for Folks to Jump In” the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Race

I think it is too late for someone new to get into the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race.

But, Sarah Palin may think it’s not. Palin reportedly said in a taped interview that it’s not too late to get in the race – even after Iowa and New Hampshire, and she seemed to open the door to a possible run herself:

MEDIAITE: n a pre-taped interview set to air tonight on Fox Business Network’s “Follow The Money,” Eric Bolling mentioned to Sarah Palin that people constantly tell him they wish she was running for President. Instead of tut-tutting the idea, Palin — who said on Sunday that she wasn’t ready to endorse any Republican candidate yet — swung the door wide open for a possible entry into the GOP field:

“Any chance we can see you making a play, even after Iowa or New Hampshire?” Bolling asked. “There’s still plenty of time, Governor.”

“You know, it’s not too late for folks to jump in,” Palin replied. “And I don’t know, you know, it — who knows what will happen in the future?” . . . Read More

The interview will air tonight at 10 PM ET on the Fox Business Network.

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