John McCain Flashes Anger at Mike Huckabee Claim of 08 Deal with Fred Thompson to Ensure SC Win for McCain – Video 1/12/12

Here is video of Sen. John McCain taking a stroll down memory lane today with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. She told McCain that Gov. Mike Huckabee had told her that John McCain made a deal with Fred Thompson to stay in the South Carolina Primary race to split the more conservative vote and deny Huckabee a victory there.

McCain said, “that is totally, patently false. It may make him feel better, but it’s not the truth. . . All I can say to Gov. Huckabee is ‘Good luck in your program on Fox, but you’re not telling the truth.'”

Actually, Fred and McCain are very good friends. Fred Thompson was genuinely trying to win the South Carolina Primary in 2008, and while there may not have been any kind of actual deal, I’m confident Thompson was glad to see his friend win the nomination if he could not.

McCain said he believes Mitt Romney will win the upcoming South Carolina Primary.

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