Shock Poll: Rasmussen National Poll Shows Newt Gingrich Surging to Within 3 Points of Romney Following Stellar Debate Performance – 1/18/12

A shocking new national poll out by Rasmussen today shows Newt Gingrich surging to within three points of Mitt Romney, 30%-27%, in the GOP Presidential Race. The one-day poll was done yesterday, January 17, entirely after the GOP Presidential Debate on Monday night. Romney has been leading by double-digits in virtually every national poll, but this may indicate Gingrich is getting a huge bounce off of his outstanding debate performance.

Yet to be seen is whether Gingrich will get the same kind of massive bounce in South Carolina. If he does, he’s got a real shot at winning there on Saturday. We’ll see as new polls come out on the South Carolina race done after Monday night’s debate. Adding to the drama is that there will be another debate, this time on CNN, tomorrow night.

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