Here is video of Ann Coulter on with Bill O’Reilly tonight, where she said Democrats attempting to help Rick Santorum in Michigan is proof that they are “terrified of Mitt Romney.”

Coulter is a big supporter of Romney, and defended him against attacks brought against him. On Ron Paul rarely criticizing Mitt Romney, Coulter said, “Of course Ron Paul supports Mitt Romney – he was also soft on Herman Cain. He admires people in the private sector. . .”

Ann Coulter Says Democrats “are Terrified of Mitt Romney” – Video 2/29/12

Here is video of Rick Santorum appearing with Sean Hannity tonight, where he looked ahead to the upcoming “Super Tuesday” contests.

Santorum told Hannity the race is far from over. He pointed to his close 2nd place showing in Michigan – Romney’s home turf – and said if he could outspend Romney 6-1 in Pennsylvania (Santorum’s home state), it would not be close. On the contrary, Santorum said “We’d smoke him.”

Santorum pointed to Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma as states that will be strong for him on “Super Tuesday.” He also took the opportunity to once again explain his controversial comments about John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech on religion, and his view on contraception.

Rick Santorum Looks Ahead to the “Super Tuesday” Contests in “Hannity” Interview – Video 2/29/12

Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney appearing on with Bill O’Reilly tonight, where he said it is clear that Democrats “don’t want to face me in the Fall. They’d rather face Rick Santorum.”

Romney said Democrats tried to hurt Romney in Michigan by voting for Rick Santorum. Romney said “it was a mistake” for Santorum to try and take advantage of that by seeking to get Democrats to vote for him.

Mitt Romney Tells O’Reilly: Democrats “Don’t Want to Face Me in the Fall. They’d Rather Face Rick Santorum” – Video 2/29/12

Photo: AP

Three of the four GOP Presidential Candidates will attend a Presidential Forum to be hosted by Mike Huckabee on his Fox News Channel program Saturday night, March 3, at 8 PM ET. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich will appear in person with Huckabee. Ron Paul will not attend, choosing instead to campaign in the State of Washington, which holds its Caucuses on Saturday:

REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Mike Huckabee is hosting his third special-edition presidential forum in Wilmington, Ohio, on Saturday, but only three of the four GOP candidates will participate. The odd man out is Ron Paul, who will be campaigning in Washington state, which holds it caucuses that day.

The event will be broadcast on Huckabee’s Fox News Channel show, and the producers declined Paul’s request to appear via satellite from Washington, saying such accommodations have not been allowed in the past, and doing so this time would be unfair to the candidates who agreed to attend in person. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have confirmed their attendance.

RCP obtained a letter Huckabee sent to Paul explaining the rules and format for the program, and expressing disappointment that the congressman will not appear at the forum, which will focus on jobs . . . Read More

The RCP article reports Huckabee’s letter to Ron Paul’s campaign indicates Paul regarded Fox News’ decision to not allow Paul to appear via satellite “arrogant.” But Huckabee and the Fox News Channel believes it would be unfair to the other three candidates who will go to the trouble to appear in person to allow Paul to participate without being there like the other candidates. The forum will be taped at noon Saturday, and will be broadcast Saturday evening and then twice on Sunday.

Mike Huckabee to Host GOP Presidential “Candidate Forum” Just Ahead of “Super Tuesday”; Ron Paul Chooses Not to Attend

(The Daily Caller) — Former President Bill Clinton said the federal government should embrace the Keystone XL pipeline that the Obama administration rejected last month. Clinton also said that one of the “best things” about being out of office is “you can say whatever the heck you want.”

“One of the most amazing things to me about this Keystone pipeline deal is that they ever filed that route in the first place since they could’ve gone around the Nebraska Sandhills and avoided most of the danger, no matter how imagined, to the Ogallala with a different route, which I presume we’ll get now, because the extra cost of running it is infinitesimal compared to the revenues that will be generated over a long period of time,” he said Wednesday at the Energy Innovation Summit.

“So, I think we should embrace it and develop a stakeholder-driven system of high standards for doing the work.”

(Read More)

Bill Clinton on Keystone Pipeline: ‘We Should Embrace It’ – Video 2/29/12

MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner uses the recent Ohio school shooting as an opportunity to call for stricter gun control. Wagner called on those in power to “stand up to the vocal, but certainly not all-powerful gun lobby.”

H/t: Breitbart

MSNBC Anchor Uses Ohio School Shooting as an Opportunity to Call for More Gun Control – Video 2/29/12

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Here is a video report on a massive storm system that spawned at least 11 tornadoes overnight in the nation’s midsection, tearing through Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Reports vary greatly on the number of dead and injured. But it appears at least 10 people are dead.

Below is local video on the storms that hit Harrisburg, Illinois, where a number of people died:

Deadly Storm System Spawns Tornadoes Across Nation’s Midsection; At Least 10 People Killed – Video Reports 2/29/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer last night assessing the Mitt Romney victories in Arizona, and particularly Michigan.

Krauthammer said Rick Santorum had a great opportunity to win Michigan – and almost pulled it off. But he believes “Kennedy, college, and contraception” derailed his chances to win. Krauthammer believes the controversial comments about those subjects really hurt Santorum with Catholics and with women.

He called Romney “slow, steady” but “unspectacular.”

Krauthammer: “Kennedy, College, and Contraception” Derailed Santorum’s Chance to Win Michigan Primary – Video 2/28/12

Here is video of Rick Santorum on Fox News this morning where he said his strong second place finish in Michigan to Mitt Romney was a “huge, huge win for us.” Romney won the primary in Michigan by just over three points. Santorum pointed out they will at least split the delegates from Michigan, as they are awarded by who wins the individual areas of the state.

Rick Santorum on Fox News Says His Strong 2nd Place Finish in Michigan Primary was a “Huge, Huge Win for Us” – Video 2/29/12

The arrogance of Barack Obama just can’t help but spill over. There’s so much, he can’t contain it.

Here he is speaking to the United Auto Workers yesterday where he praised the “Chevy Volt,” and said “Five years from now – when I’m not President anymore – I’ll buy one and drive it myself.”

Once again, those pesky voters are not worth even thinking about on November 6.

We’ll see. This just may be some really fun material to revisit on November 7! Can you imagine what the liberal media would have done if George W. Bush had made cocky statements like this?

Via Gateway Pundit

Arrogant Obama Says He Will Buy a Chevy Volt “Five Years from Now when I’m Not President Anymore” – Video 2/28/12

Good grief.

Here is audio of Leftist Bill Press actually saying there is “no difference” between Rick Santorum and the Taliban in Afghanistan! He called Santorum a “religious extremist,” and the “American Taliban.”

Press accused Santorum of saying “It’s the Pope vs. the American people,” simply because he has said he does not agree with former President John F. Kennedy’s statement that the “Separation of Church and State” in America should be “absolute.” Santorum has NEVER said anything like what this liberal accuses him of. He has only maintained that people of faith have the right to bring their views into the public square alongside those who espouse no faith at all.

So much for the admonitions from the Left about not using “inflammatory rhetoric.” But, then, it’s okay when they do it.

Via Radio Equalizer

Liberal Talker Bill Press Accuses Rick Santorum of being the “American Taliban”; Says there is “No Difference” between Santorum and the Taliban – Audio 2/28/12

It’s getting to be that time of year again.

Here is raw video of a tornado touching down near Hutchinson, Kansas yesterday. You can see the funnel cloud dropping down to the ground.

Raw Video Shows Tornado Touching Down Near Hutchinson, Kansas – Raw Video 2/28/12

Here is video of Ron Paul being interviewed on Fox News last night where he denied there is any collusion going on between Mitt Romney and himself. Bret Baier essentially asked Paul if he is working with Romney in order to further the political career of his son – Sen. Rand Paul. Ron Paul denied that any such thing was taking place, saying “that’s been promoted by someone super-involved in conspiracy theories. That’s Santorum doing that.” He further added, “My son can take care of himself. He doesn’t need me to make deals for him.

Via Gateway Pundit

Ron Paul Denies any Deal with Mitt Romney: “That’s been Promoted by Someone Super-Involved in Conspiracy Theories. . . That’s Santorum Doing That. . .” – Video 2/28/12

Here is video of Newt Gingrich appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” where he promised that as President, he will get gas prices back down to $2.50 a gallon.

Via Fox Nation

Newt Gingrich Vows as President to Get Gasoline Prices Down to $2.50 a Gallon – Video 2/28/12

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Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney delivering his victory speech after winning both the Arizona and Michigan GOP Presidential Primaries.

Romney said the pundits had written him off a week ago, but that the people of Michigan and Arizona and turned things around. Romney focused his speech on President Barack Obama, saying he has failed in his promises to turn the U.S. Economy around. Romney’s speech was crisp and to the point, lasting just over 12 minutes.

Mitt Romney Victory Speech after Winning the Arizona and Michigan GOP Presidential Primaries – Complete Video 2/28/12

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Here is video of Sen. Rick Santorum speaking tonight in Michigan after losing both the Arizona and Michigan GOP Presidential Primaries to Gov. Mitt Romney. Santorum reportedly called Romney and conceded prior to giving this speech, although he never mentioned that in his remarks.

Sen. Rick Santorum Speaks after Second Place Finishes in Arizona and Michigan GOP Presidential Primaries – Complete Video 2/28/12

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