Karl Rove “Offended” by Chrysler “Halftime in America” Payback Ad for Obama Bailout – Video 2/6/12

Here is video of Karl Rove hammering the Chrysler “Halftime in America” ad that aired at halftime of the Super Bowl yesterday. The ad was narrated by Clint Eastwood, and was essentially a payback by Chrysler to Barack Obama for spending billions of taxpayer dollars to bail them out. The ad never uses Obama’s name, but clearly infers Obama’s soon-to-end first term by saying, “It’s halftime in America.” The ad lobbies for continuing policies in place today as the “second half” gets started.

Rove said he is “offended” by the ad, and that it shows what happens when Government gets involved in big business through bailouts – political payback, in this case, in the form of free advertising for Obama.

Below is complete video of the “Haftime in America” ad in question:

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