Obama Says “Founders Designed a System that makes it more Difficult to bring about Change than I Would Like” – Video 2/5/12

You can’t make this stuff up. Obama serves up another gem for Republicans to hammer him with from now to Election Day in November. The ads write themselves! First, it’s his “I deserve a second term” declaration. Now, it’s him saying straight out – “Our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.”

Uh, that’s because the Founders were trying to prevent exactly what you are trying to do, Mr. President. They did not want the Federal Government to dominate the life of every citizen from cradle to grave. They wanted people to be free – to earn their own keep and keep what they earn. What a concept.

  • THL

    I am not a fan of Obama. I am hugely against many of his policies, particularly the ACA/Obamacare. However, you’ve completely misunderstood what Obama is even talking about here.

    He is putting the blame on the critics for misunderstanding the system of checks and balances, not the system itself. The context of the question is to say something about the critics who previously supported him but are now questioning that support. It is as if Obama is saying to those critics, “you fail to realize that the president is not a dictator, as if I could just change whatever I want.” He’s not complaining about the limitations of the founding father’s — he’s complaining that his critics fail to understand the checks and balances of our great system. He is defending the limitations placed by the founding fathers, as assertion that they wisely created such a system, in the face of people who think he should take control of things as if he were a dictator.

    The role of all three brances is to be aggressive toward making the country a great place, and all three have limitations in place by the other two branches. He is saying he is not going to back off in his duty to be aggressive, just as it is the duty of the other two branches to be aggressive. He is defending the system from the people who fail to realize the limitations, as if they believed he could make changes in a dictatorial fashion.

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