New York Democrat Congresswoman Gets an Earful at Town Hall Meeting about Obama’s Attack on Religious Freedom – Video Report 2/24/12

Here is video from Buffalo, New York station WGRZ, reporting on a Town Hall Meeting held today by Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul (CD NY-26). As you see from the report, she got quite an earful about the way President Barack Obama is treating religious institutions with his ObamaCare mandate. One of our regular readers and commenters – “Brad” – was apparently at the meeting, and reports:

“Representative Hochul (NY 26th district) got quite an earful regarding Obamacare HHS mandate today! It was terrrifc! Here is lead story on 6pm Buffalo news. By the way, I asked her which part of the Constitution allowed the Federal Government to require a private institution to provide ANY free services or products and Representative Hochul indicated they did not consult the Constitution on this part of the law! The news unfortunately took this part out but we have video we are putting together.”

Thanks Brad for bringing this to our attention. Let’s hope Democrats all over the country are getting an earful like this from constituents, and will come back to Washington scared out of their minds! We’ll post video later of “Brad” asking his question if we are able to.

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