Campaigning in Wisconsin today, Gov. Mitt Romney all but predicted victory in Tuesday’s GOP Presidential Primary. If he wins in Wisconsin, coupled with near-certain wins in D.C. and Maryland, he will put tremendous pressure on Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to end their campaigns. However, Santorum has consistently outperformed his poll numbers, and a loss to Santorum after virtually predicting victory could be a huge setback:

REUTERS: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Saturday predicted a victory on Saturday in Wisconsin’s upcoming primary contest and said he believed it could help put him on a path to clinching the nomination.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, has come from behind in the polls in Wisconsin to take the lead over chief rival Rick Santorum. The state will vote on Tuesday along with Maryland and Washington, D.C.

“This was an uphill battle for me if you looked back three or four weeks ago. And now we’re looking like we’re going to win this thing on Tuesday, but I’ve got to have you guys get out and vote,” Romney said.

The normally cautious candidate voiced confidence about his campaign in speaking to volunteers who were making telephone calls on behalf of the state’s embattled Republican governor, Scott Walker, who is the target of a recall effort. . . . Read More

Mitt Romney on Wisconsin GOP Primary: “Now We’re Looking Like We’re Going to Win this Thing on Tuesday” – 3/31/12

(Language Warning) Above is video (via Hot Air) of that “neighborhood friend” of Barack Obama – radical William Ayers. It shows him at an “Occupy” gathering where he just comes right out and says he “gets up every morning” hoping that “today I’m going to end Capitalism.” The “revolution” he speaks of is the ” radical transformation” of America that Barack Obama promised to bring in 2008. We see now how that is working out for us.

Remember, Williams Ayers is the guy who helped Barack Obama begin his political career with a “coffee” in his home. Our President’s political career began in the home of a man who “gets up every morning” hoping to “end Capitalism.”

Obama “Neighborhood” Friend William Ayers: “I Get Up Every Morning Thinking . . . Today I’m Going to End Capitalism” – Video

Here is complete video of Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan speaking to the “Faith & Freedom Coalition” in Wisconsin lays out what is at stake in the 2012 Presidential Election. He urged voters to support Mitt Romney for President, and focus on the necessity of defeating Barack Obama in order to “save the American Ideal” – America’s “First Principles” for the next generation. In the speech, he said Barack Obama is “committed to his ideology” that is moving us “away from the American Ideal – away from our First Principles.”

Paul Ryan on the Necessity of Defeating Barack Obama in November to Save America: “We Can Do This” – Complete Video 3/31/12

Video via HotAirPundit

Here is video of GOP Rep. Paul Ryan in a speech today to the “Faith & Freedom Coalition” in Wisconsin, saying that President Obama is incapable of genuine compromise for the good of the nation because he is an ideologue committed to moving America away from our “first principles.”

Ryan said flatly that “President Obama cannot run on his record.” He said many Democrats have said he will run to the middle and triangulate the electorate the way Bill Clinton did:

“Not this guy,” Ryan said about Obama. “This is not a Bill Clinton Democrat. He is committed to his ideology. He is committed to that transformation away from the America ideal – away from our first principles.”

This was a great speech by Paul Ryan. We’ll post complete video of the speech shortly in another post. Ryan said more in 15 minutes than most politicians can in an hour! He really boiled down and expressed clearly exactly what we face in this election. He ended his speech by urging Wisconsin voters to support Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s GOP Primary, so that the focus can turn to defeating Barack Obama in November. Romney has to now be thinking long and hard about making Ryan his Vice-Presidential choice.

Paul Ryan on Barack Obama: “He is Committed to that Transformation Away from the American Ideal, Away from our First Principles” – Video 3/31/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter on “Fox & Friends Weekend” today, where she said it is not only time for Newt Gingrich to get out of the race – he never should have run for President in the first place:

“I think it was unbecoming of Newt Gingrich to even run for president. . . . “You can’t have two affairs and run for president.”

Ironically, Gingrich being in the race and staying in the race has been absolutely critical to Mitt Romney all but sewing up the GOP Nomination!

Via Mediaite

Ann Coulter on whether Gingrich should Get out of the GOP Race: “I think it was Unbecoming of Newt Gingrich to Even Run for President” – Video 3/31/12

Another example of why Democrats are so proud of Nancy!

She said about ObamaCare recently – before the Supreme Court Hearings last week:

“We knew what we were doing when we passed this bill. It is ironclad Constitutionally. What happens in the courts is another matter.”

Remember when she said this about the “ironclad Constitutionally” ObamaCare albatross?

Democrat Nancy Pelosi Declares ObamaCare “Ironclad Constitutionally,” although “What Happens in the Courts is Another Matter” – Video 3/22/12

Amazing! Is this our future? Reportedly, in 100,000 miles of driving, there has only been one accident with this car – and that was when a person was overriding the auto-driving technology.

Watch Google’s Driverless Car take a Legally Blind Man for a Ride – Video Report 3/30/12

Could this be a preview of the 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket?

Here are Gov. Mitt Romney and Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan appearing together on “Hannity” tonight, where they talked about the absolute necessity of defeating Barack Obama in November. They talked about reforming entitlement programs in order to save them for future generations. Romney brought out that it is Barack Obama who has already “ended Medicare as we know it” by robbing it of $500 Billion to pay for ObamaCare. Ryan was outstanding as usual, showing a mastery of the details of the budget and America’s economic challenges.

I have to say, there is a certain ring to “Romney/Ryan,” and they did pretty well together here. Of course, there’s a nice ring to “Romney/Rubio” too.

A Preview of the 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Appear Together on “Hannity” – Video 3/30/12

Out of this world ad from Karl Rove’s “American Crossroads.” !! Just watch!

“Your mission is simple, Mr. Obama. Win one last election to gain unchecked flexibility, weaken our defenses, and fundamentally transform the world. Dmitri will transmit the information. . . “

New Ad Mocks Obama’s “Vladimir” Hot Mic Moment with James Bond-style Theme: “Your Mission is Simple, Mr. Obama. Win One Last Election to. . . . Weaken our Defenses. . .” – Video

Here is audio of Gov. Mitt Romney telling Wisconsin radio station WTMJ he would “have to consider” Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan as a Vice-Presidential nominee. Ryan endorsed Romney for President this morning.

Romney said he did not want to be presumptuous since he has not secured the nomination, and he said he has not made a list of VP prospects. But he said that whoever becomes the nominee would have to consider Paul Ryan for the VP slot.

Mitt Romney Says He would “Have to Consider” Paul Ryan for Vice-President – Audio 3/30/12

The folks at the Republican National Committee are doing a super job with their ads!

Here’s their latest, eviscerating President Obama for the “zero” votes he got for his budget in the House of Representatives. As Obama’s voice drones on in the background from when he announced the release of his new budget, the screen shows the voting process in the House where he got not a single Democrat to support it. It then ends with the punchline: “Zero votes for the Obama Budget. Obama’s greatest bipartisan achievement.”

New RNC Ad Touts Obama’s “Greatest Bipartisan Achievement” – Video 3/30/12

Here is video from “Fox & Friends” this morning where Paul Ryan made public his endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney for President. Ryan explained he has studied what it will take in terms of fundraising and building an organization to defeat Barack Obama, and says if Republicans drag out the nomination race through the summer to the convention, “the harder it is to win in November.”

“Mitt Romney’s the best guy for the job. He’ll make the best President. He has the best chance of winning, and the more we drag it out, the harder it is to win in November. That’s why I think it’s important we just coalesce as conservatives and focus on defeating the President in the Fall.”

Ryan said he is convinced Romney can do the job and that he can win. He indicated he plans to talk with Rick Santorum later today.

Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney on “Fox & Friends”: “Mitt Romney’s the Best Guy for the Job. . . The more We Drag it Out, the Harder it is to Win in November” – Video 3/30/12

Callista Gingrich being asked to “tell us something about Newt we don’t know.”

Her answer?

“Newt loves zoos. We have been to zoos throughout the United States and across the planet.”

Via YouTube Uploader “ladyforward1”

Callista Gingrich on something about Newt we Don’t Know: “Newt Loves Zoos” – Video 3/29/12

The Promise of Hope

Something tells me that Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” shtick is not going to work this time. The above satirical video shows that the Left is fed up with Obama’s talk of “hope,” and his failure to deliver.

Interesting how 3+ years of reality under Obama has brought “change” to the thinking of people. Remember how it used to be (see below)?

1st Video via Huffington Post

Even the Left is Tired of Obama’s “Hope and Change” Rhetoric – Video

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer tonight saying the string of major endorsements for Mitt Romney this week – Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, former President George H.W. Bush – are “a message to the other candidates: It’s over.”

Via HotAirPundit

Krauthammer: Rubio, Bush Endorsements of Mitt Romney are “a Message to the Other Candidates – It’s Over” (Video 3/29/12)

This could be big for Romney if it comes before Tuesday’s Wisconsin Primary:

DAILY CALLER: A reliable source tells TheDC that a Paul Ryan endorsement of Mitt Romney is imminent.

The timing seems to fit. Rep. Ryan wrapped up his Presidential Trust Duties today. The House just passed his budget. And with the Wisconsin primary right around the corner on Tuesday, Ryan’s endorsement could be doubly effective. . . . Read More

Report: “A Paul Ryan Endorsement of Mitt Romney is Imminent” – 3/29/12

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